Energy saving is no longer a choice; we need to inculcate it in our daily routine because every minute contribution matters and adds up to a healthy environment.

There are countless ways; big and small by which you can reduce your energy consumption. Today, we are going to share with you a few energy conservation tips at residential as well as commercial property:



Everything starts with your attitude and determination to achieve something. Start small by turning off the fans and light bulb, the appliances that you are not using. Start using energy efficient appliances. Turn down the temperature of the thermostat to reduce the load on it. Practice and spread awareness.

Elaborating further on the energy efficient appliances, when purchasing them, check whether or not the appliances have energy rating marked in the form of stars or a label on them. Why check Energy Label? Because they are a federal guarantee that the device consumes less energy.

Check all the products that consume water like dishwasher, washing machine, showers, urinals, etc for Water Efficiency Labelling and Standards. This is essential to check how much water efficient the appliance is. The more the stars, the better. You can also install water-efficient shower-heads. If you notice any leakage, consult a plumbing company in NJ to fix the issue immediately.

Instead of using the old light bulbs that emit heat and dangerous gases contributing to pollution and environmental degradation, install LED.

Did you know that windows are one of the primary sources of energy wastage in your home? They are one of the significant reasons for the spike in your electricity bills. You can cut down your energy bills by installing single pane energy efficient windows which reduce unnecessary heat loss and heating expense. You can also get gas filled windows with low-e coatings to minimize heat loss in summer.

Another significant way by which you can help reduce the adverse impact on the environment is switching to green power, which means using power generated from clean, renewable sources such as sun, wind, water.


It is extremely urgent and essential to spread awareness regarding energy saving, which can best start with educating employees. A demonstration will help them better understand the impact of saving energy on our environment. Encourage them to put it into practice and reward their efforts with monetary or non-monetary benefits.

Do not defer a repair work until next month. With a machine, the longer you will wait, the more would the device depreciate rendering it uneconomical to repair.

What if we tell you that your building structure is one of the significant reasons behind your commercial energy inefficiencies? Redesign the building to an energy saving structure. Yes, it might take considerable time, money and effort, but they have a long-term positive impact on the environment you live in.

Every commercial unit should make it a point to regularly run an audit, to identify the areas that are leading to energy loss. Gather and assess energy bills, find and rectify the reason of unexplained spike in energy bills. The management of the organization must introduce and encourage energy-saving practices and continually audit and find solutions for energy-wasting habits.

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