Touch The Pristine Beauty Of Nature- Be At Paro, Bhutan

Paro, the fertile valley of Bhutan is blessed by the bounties of Mother Nature. Located at the backdrop of the Great Himalayas, this hamlet is home to several old monasteries and shrines. Visit Paro if you are nature thirsty.

Touch The Pristine Beauty Of Nature- Be At Paro, Bhutan

1. The blend of culture and color, Paro Monasteries

Start your exploration of Paro with a visit to Kichu monastery, one of the oldest monasteries of Bhutan. The monastery is beautifully decorated and also houses the golden statue of Padmasambhava. With the fragrance of vibrant flowers and sweet orange trees, as you spin the prayer wheels, mediation is natural and from the heart. The Drukgyel Dzong monastery attracts tourists with its mysterious appeal. Deserted for several years, the monastery portrays the historical events of Paro. Nestled at the hills and guarded by pine trees, this brick fortress provides panoramic view of Mountain Chomolhari and the surroundings.

Rinpung Dzong is a must India Tour to check out the architectural wonders of Bhutan. As you walk through the traditional bridge of Nemi Zam to Dzong, the tranquil atmosphere rejuvenates you from within. Witness the festivities of Paro Tshechu here during the season of spring. Step on the most sacred place on Bhutan, the Taktshang Lhakhang monastery. With colorful flags, this tiger’s nest is a pilgrimage for every Bhutanese. Witness the life of sacrifice and dedication at the Kila Goemba, the spiritual abode of Buddhist nuns; located at the laps of the mystic hills, it is an ideal place to worship and mediate.

2. The temple town of Paro

Druk Choeding, the 1525 shrine treasures the ecclesiastical gems of Bhutan. The 1433 shrine of Dungtse Lhakhang is a three storied structure, every floor representing a different celestial world, namely, hell, earth and heaven. The inner walls of the temple are adorned with rich paintings. The temple of Jangsarbu Lhakhang is unique with the deity of Lord Buddha, known by the name of Sakyamuni.

Kyichu Lhakhang, the 7th century temple complex consists of two shrines and is a must visit to check out the customs and rituals of Bhutan. Visit the temple complex of Dzongdrakha Goembato checkout the main deities of Bhutan; there are four shrines here which consist of Goddess Drolma and Tsheringma, Guru Rinpoche and Maitreya Buddha.

3. The heritage monuments of Paro

Ta Zong, once a watch tower is at present the national museum. It is a jewel of Bhutan with the collection of art, relics, religious thangkhas, Buddhist paintings and stamps. The royal residence of Ugyen Pelri is an epitome of Bhutan’s architecture. Built within a wooden complex, the palace represents celestial paradise as described by the famous Guru Rinpoche.

4. The ecstatic Paro

To drench into the breathtaking beauty of Paro, you must walk. Walk through the narrow paths of Haa Valley, guarded by blue pines and rhododendrons to come close to nature. The white and black temples of the valley are the other highlights. Get a view of the simple lifestyle of a Bhutanese at the Paro farm houses. These clusters of colorful farmhouses over the green valleys and under the shadow of gigantic hills seem to be just come out of a painting.

Bikers will not only love the challenging drive through the dense forests of the Chelela Pass, but the blossoms of wild roses, the natural bouquet of purple and yellow primulas and the blue carpet of irises, nature is joyous here.

5. The creative Paro

The soft shawls and the warm sweater of Paro and Bhutan tour are famous worldwide. You can also get hand woven gloves and boots here. Get some to wrap around and feel nostalgic every time. The local handicrafts of Paro, known as Chencho are exquisite collections of embroidery and weavings, while the silver amulets and lutes are expensive souvenirs that you can get from here. the Sunday market of Paro is the best place to get the traditional dress of kira and small prayer wheels.

Last but not the least; savor on the yummy dish of Ema Datsi, the peppery national cuisine of Bhutan. With the white flags, the blooming peach and crystalline river of Paro, the spellbinding beauty of this small township beckons you.

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