What You Can Expect from the Best Criminal Defense Lawyer

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The one thing you can expect when you are working with the best criminal defense lawyer is they will be using their decades of experience to fight on your behalf and get you the most favorable outcome in court. These are just a few reasons you’ll want a skilled criminal defense lawyer like Kevin Napper in your corner.

The best negotiations

The best criminal defense lawyer has built a solid reputation in court and will use that experience to negotiate with the prosecutors to get a plea bargain that is far less severe than the penalties you would have had to accept fighting on your own behalf. Many times your attorney already has a professional relationship with these court employees, so this tends to lead to a degree of professional courtesy in the courts.

Locating the best witnesses

Your attorney will locate and hire expert witnesses that will be in the best position to rebut any evidence presented by the prosecution. By making the prosecution evidence less credible, it might be all that is needed to get the judge or jury to rule that you are innocent. These witnesses brought in by your attorney may be able to offer their expert opinion and show a different side to evidence presented by the prosecution.

Answer trial questions efficiently

The time leading up to the trial, you are going to have millions of questions and concerns, most of which are unwarranted. Your criminal defense lawyer will be there to help answer those questions and address your concerns so you can focus clearly on helping your lawyer help you win this case. Rather than suffer from over-analysis paralysis, your attorney will help you to focus on a few key points of the case so your emotions do not get the best of you.

Foresees the possible outcomes

Most defendants have no idea what costs await them, especially if found guilty on all charges. Your attorney will explain in detail the worst case scenario and then start working to prepare for the case so many of those fines can be eliminated if found innocent.

Don’t miss out on all important documents

Leading up to your criminal trial, there are going to be many documents that are needed to be filed correctly and in a timely manner. Your criminal defense lawyer and staff will make certain these documents are filed correctly the first time and ahead of the deadlines. When representing yourself in court, file these documents incorrectly or miss one deadline, and you risk losing the case.

Questioning the prosecution

Regardless the charges, your attorney is going to fall back on their experience to thoroughly question witnesses and evidence presented in the case, to poke holes in the prosecution case just big enough to cast doubt on your guilt and possibly get the case dismissed or charges reduced. Your attorney has a way of identifying weaknesses in the stories told by witnesses, and if they can show any contradiction, the testimony could be stricken from the records.

Don’t risk having to pay more in penalties and fines because you didn’t have the right representation in court, a skilled criminal defense lawyer like Kevin Napper can actually help win your case.

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