What’s The Difference Between Carpet Bonnet Cleaning And Carpet Extraction Cleaning?

Office carpets are mostly exposed to a stable flow of foot traffic daily. There is always dust, dirt, pop and coffee spills stuck to these carpets. Before long, these carpets require commercial cleaning services. In addition to this, even new carpets that begin to show wear signs also need commercial cleaning to restore them. It requires the right method of cleaning a rug before damaging an expensive rug. There are various commercial cleaning methods for carpets. However, two are most popular, and they include bonnet carpet cleaning and extraction carpet cleaning.

Bonnet Carpet Cleaning

Bonnet carpet cleaning is fundamentally an adaption of hard floor spray rubbing to carpets. This method of carpet cleaning involves rayon or polypropylene, cotton, rotary shampoo machine as well as a clean pad soaked in a solution that cleans the carpet. As the device goes over the carpet, the agitation opens the places where there is dirt. The cleaning pad then grabs the dirt. Most carpet cleaning organizations prefer to use bonnet because it is less expensive as well as easy to learn about using it. The chemical solutions that bonnet or spin cleaning utilizes are optical brightness like bleach which polishes the carpet’s cut fibers. This bleach makes the carpet to look cleaner and brighter. The most effective form of bonnet cleaning which removes dirt is liquid encapsulation. In this method, the carpet is pre-sprayed, then bonneting takes over and finally vacuuming up the dirt-encapsulated form that comes up to the surface.

What's The Difference Between Carpet Bonnet Cleaning And Carpet Extraction Cleaning?

Advantages of Bonnet Carpet Cleaning

  • It requires less high-skilled labor to operate.
  • Easy to maneuver the equipment
  • The carpet dries up so quickly
  • Does not need much water

Disadvantages of Bonnet Carpet Cleaning

  • Augmented chemical load- the method uses a lot of chemicals that end up leaving some on the carpet. This makes the mat to get dirty so quickly that it was before being cleaned.
  • Too much agitation causes wear- the scrubbing pad can cause frays on the carpet over time as well as causing its seems to separate.
  • Shorter lifespan of the carpet- the lifespan of a carpet that uses bonnet as the means of cleaning is more concise than those that use other methods.
  • The detergents that remain on the carpet after cleaning might create an environment for microorganisms to grow.

Extraction Carpet Cleaning (hot or deep water extraction)

As the name suggests, this type of commercial cleaning of carpets involves the use of a hose that is connected to a truck and releases a mixture of cleaning solution and water into the carpet. The temperature and the pressure of the water shake the carpet while loosening the dirt that is then vacuumed back through the hose. This form of carpet cleaning is more effective in removing dirt, and it does not require a considerable amount of cleaning solution. The less cleaning solution used prolongs the lifespan of the carpet. The primary key associated with this method of commercial cleaning is mixing the right chemical amount, water pressure, water temperature as well as the suction. Each of these components must be in the proper measure to obtain desirable results. Several different machines can also be used to do extraction cleaning like portable tank-type extractor. However, this machine can never reach the required temperature as well as the water pressure to clean or trunk-mount. The most crucial aspect of this method is the right amount of chemicals to be used and not mostly on the type of machine. The purpose of the accurate chemical mixing is to eliminate the dirt while at the same time neutralizing the PH of the carpet.

Advantages of The Extraction Carpet Cleaning

  • Longer carpet lifespan
  • Labor Saving
  • Very useful in removing carpet pile dirt
  • Safe as the entire residue is removed

Disadvantages of The Extraction Carpet Cleaning

  • Higher costs of operations- equipment are expensive as well as their maintenance.
  • Requires skilled labor to run
  • A lot of water needed Not possible to get the best results if the right amounts of chemicals are not mixed.

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