Why You Should Be Aware Of Truck Tire Blowouts

Texas 18-wheeler accident lawyer Greg Baumgartner has today revealed that truck tire blowouts caused due to tire disintegration are rising at an alarming rate and are contributing to some serious crashes on our roads.

If a big lorry or truck suddenly suffers from a tire blow out, the driver can lose control of the lorry and it can dramatically affect the actions of fellow road users, which can lead to other crashes. If other drivers notice that the truck is in danger, they will likely panic and try to swerve away from the lorry to avoid the incident.

If a collision were to take place, you won’t be surprised to hear that the crash can cause some pretty severe injuries and even death. If the tire becomes detached from the truck, the truck driver will need to wrestle to try and take control of the vehicle.

I am sure by now that you have realized the dangers of a truck tire blowout. It is not uncommon for a commercial lorry loaded with cargo to weigh approximately 80,000 pounds. Because of the weight of the lorry, it will result in a large stopping distance and this can add to the problems of the lorry driver in trying to avoid an accident.

Sometimes as a result of a blown-out tire, the truck can veer in a totally different direction. The result could be that the truck can roll over in the worst-case scenario. Other times, it could become jackknifed. If this takes place, fatalities often occur. While crashes involving 18 wheeled lorries are relatively rare, when they do take place, it is possible for 5-10 vehicles to become involved when a tire blowout happens.

The only way to reduce the likelihood of these blowouts occurring is to pay attention to tire maintenance and repair. If we look after our tires more, they are less likely to blow out and result in crashes. It can only take a few minutes out your day to do a pre-trip inspection to ensure your tires are safe to drive on. It could be the difference of getting to your destination safely and ending up in a fatal crash.

If you have been involved in an accident with a truck as a result of a tire blowout, it is imperative that you contact a reputable truck accident attorney, such as Greg Baumgartner, to make sure you are given the right advice on how to make a claim for compensation. It is crucial you hire a lawyer who has experience with truck accidents, as they know what to look for, making it more likely that they will be successful in making a claim on your behalf.


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