You Ruin Your Life With These 7 Excuses

With excuses, you will not change your life.

So today we want to help you identify those excuses are preventing you to be happy are…

I do not have time for that

Do not exercise and do not spend enough time with your food, for the guilt of this excuse. But the truth is that she is manipulating you only and is not allowing you to manage priorities of life. We all have 24 hours and must learn to use them well and give you time to what matters most.

I will be happy when I get

If you think you only be happy when you get something you’ll never not be happy. Happiness is to enjoy the journey as you achieve your goals. If you are not happy where you are right now, it will be very difficult to be someday.

You Ruin Your Life With These 7 Excuses

I have no money for that

The goal of life is no more money in the bank every month, but knowing how to use that money to enjoy life day by day. Want to give a taste for which you have no money? Evaluate your alternatives and, if you really have no choice, save! Anything is possible with effort.

I’m scared

Fear paralyzes people and makes you autolimites. Take control of your emotions and let the power of your mind to good things out; do not let your imagination create negative images. That does not have to happen. You can deal with your problems.

Not the right time

If now is not the right time, then, when will it be? Leave aside the fears and begins to act more, forget excuses like: “the economy is bad,” “I have many things to do”, “not think I can.”The perfect opportunities you believe them!

I am like that

Open your mind, you can be in all shapes you want! You only have to leave your comfort zone occasionally. You get to change yourself if what you want to improve and feel good … so do not look for excuses because of your fears.Achieve your dreams for your mental health!

I’m not like him / her

That’s the key, do not be like the others, you are unique in this world! Each person has the strength to achieve your goals, and you too! If you go on comparing with others you will be getting worse. The success of your friends should be your push to achieve your own.

Remember if you want to be physically fit and have good health in general, you should forget the excuses that are ruining your life!

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