Your Perfect Guide To Choose The Best Boat Refrigeration System

Boats, ships and yachts are symbols of cruise and the enjoyment associated with it.Your Perfect Guide To Choose The Best Boat Refrigeration System Adding accessories and modernizing the journey in the sea is not a new concept. However, there are no fixed guidelines that one needs to follow while choosing refrigeration or considering an upgradation. One can learn about the various factors that influence the journey and how on simple decision can be a deciding point of the overall cruise experience.

Refrigeration in the Boat

Refrigeration in the boat is quite different from the one that is at our home. It is unlike going to the local appliance store and ordering the machine of your choice, bringing it home, storing food and drinks, and enjoying the leisure. You need to keep in mind a lot of things while selecting the refrigeration for boat, like:


Power is a scarce resource even land, and this scarcity goes to a whole new level while you are with your boat in the sea. Also what you need to consider is the question, HOW? The mode by which you will be supplying the power is as important as the resource of power itself. Hence you have to figure out two questions, how much the power is required by the refrigerator and how will be the power supplied.

There has been a reduction in the usage of engine-driven refrigeration can cause some serious disadvantages:

  1. the engine needs to be run several times a day for at least 30 minutes to prevent the large chill plates from getting extremely hot.
  2. the temperature of the box fluctuates in warm weather conditions
  3. you need to follow a strict schedule to keep your refrigeration system intact, that will mean more maintenance and added hours of running the engine.

The majority of cruisers now operate on a 12-volt system which comes with a battery that can be charged by any method: solar, wind, towing generator, shore power or alternator. you need to make sure that the battery tank is capable of providing the load your refrigeration system requires.


Similar to the factor of power, for compressor you need to figure out two major questions. Essentially, the question is one, which the appropriate location for the compressor. There are places you can place the compressor and then is the place where you should place the compressor. It is advisable that you give some thought to the question and not opt for the first location that comes to your mind. Compressor transports the heat from the refrigerator to the air around and works more efficiently if the air reaching the compressor is cool. With a good flow of air around the compressor,  the compressor works better. The most common mistake is to put the refrigerator in the engine compartment or putting it in a location that has minimum exposure to air. Another point to consider while determining the location will be that there should be enough room around the refrigerator, so that repairs could be made and maintenance is easy. Also recharging the system is a big trouble if the location of the refrigerator is too congested.


There has to be an effective thought process and research involved in selecting the best refrigeration for your boat. You need to consider all the factors before investing your hard money. Make sure you clear all your doubts before the purchase and do not forget to ask for warranties.

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