20 Best Free Subtitle Download Portals For Movies And TV Shows

Subtitles are a true treat when watching shows and movies. Firstly, the obvious – it helps you understand what is being said better, in particular, when you are viewing foreign movies such as French, Korean, Indian or Iranian cinema (quite popular these regions, with regard to filmmaking).

Usually, when you access a movie file, it does not necessarily include subtitles. What to do? You can choose to download them, simple! But now you must be wondering where can I download them? Well, the rule of thumb is to search Google for subtitles sites.

It will list you a dozen of websites. But not all are worthy of your time and energy. At times many are not in sync and either runs too fast than the actual movie or lags behind and shows when the dialogue has been said a while back (I’m sure you must have experienced such a thing, am I right?).

Therefore, we have compiled a list of subtitles that you can find on the web. They are trusted and are used by countless people for their viewing pleasure. All in sync and without viruses, the files uploaded on these portals are authentic and are usually denoted by the name of the copy of the TV show/movie you have in your possession.

20 Best Free Subtitle Download Portals For Movies And TV Shows

This refines your results and you can easily navigate to the file of your desired movie/TV show file. Usually denoted by the extension –txt the list of subtitles is as under.

1. Moviesubtitles.org

The site offers subtitles in multiple languages and you can browse the Moviesubtitles.org for movies and your favorite TV shows. It has all the latest subtitles and often shows the list of most downloaded ones. The popular subtitles are listed in the features subs corner.

You can download the for free for no hassle of signing up or anything like that. Remember, that they are packed or compressed with WinZip so be mindful of having the software at hand or else they won’t open. They will not open with your regular windows build compression software.

2. Subscene.com

This one of the leading subtitles site. The most downloaded subtitles are from Subscene.com since it offers a very interactive and user-friendly search tool that easily funnels the sub you are seeking for. In there you also have the opportunity to make a contribution by uploading your own subtitle file or even rate those you found worked well with your movie/TV show.

3. Opensubtitles.org

A database of close to 820,000 subtitles Opensubtitles.org is a force to be reckoned with in the online subtitle game. It offers search refinements in terms of sorting via language, direct download ease and the chance to upload your version of the subtitle for that particular movie or TV show (episode).

4. Download.hr/subtitles.html

This free website has the subtitles arranged for you in an alphabetical order (A-Z). Also arranged in a numerical order (0-9) for the likes of 3:10 to Yuma or 127 Hours. The site prompts you to register if you are to download or upload subtitles.

5. TVsubtitles.net

This by far the best subtitles downloading websites. Particularly suited for the TV shows/seasons, this site has the widest collection of subs in this regard. Browse for any of the TV shows available and that too in several languages.

6. Tvsubs.net

Another dedicated site for TV shows. You can search and download subtitles for a wide variety of shows. The only downside is that it is available in a limited set of languages but houses the box art of familiar posters from your favorite TV shows.

7. Anysubs.com

A neat website which offers a thumbnail of movie lists that have free subtitles available for download. You have to hover over the thumbnail to check the availability; in terms of download as well as languages.

8. SubDivX

Another leading website that has in store for you subtitles for movies that are in DivX, DVD formats, in addition to all your favorite TV series. They welcome contribution by their users and so you can upload your version too on their website.

9. Subsmax.com

A honeycomb of million subtitles applicable to tens and thousands of movies/TV shows across the board. Look for essay service online. You can sort via preferred language and title of the movie/series.

10. Subtitlesource.org

Another well-renowned site that not only acts as a subtitle provider but has eye candy appeal as well. Although, any subtitle site would only entail a search box and the list of movie titles but the stand out feature at Subtitlesource.org is its vividly bursting search box.

11. Subtitles Box

You can have the latest movie subtitles at Subtitles Box. Furthermore, you can view and download movie trailers, read news/celebrity gossip. The site provides DivX compatible subtitles and for free.

12. My Subtitles

Again, My Subtitles offer all DivX compatible subtitles and you can browse through tons of these from the site’s database. In order to upload subtitles, you will have to sign up at their site. The subtitles are free to download.

13. All Subs

The intent at All Subs is to become the giant among subtitles provider on the internet. They aim to cater some 1.7 million subs for literally every movie ever produced! Lovely intent by the way, so guys get to work (download).

14. Get Subtitle

One of the leading online subtitle providers. Well almost, but you can still download subtitles to pretty much every movie and TV series in DVD and DivX formats.

15. Subtitles Online

The site houses close to 500 subtitles for TV shows. The best part is they are absolutely free to download. I mean for every season/episode, you don’t have to look any further than Subtitles Online.

16. Movie Subtitles

Dedicated to movies alone, this might just be your ultimate search house for subtitles. Here, you can also read about the latest in the film industry. Towards the left, you have the search box to browse for subs + towards the right, you can scan and pick from the list of movies (subs) therein. Your call.

17. fsubs

A site for subtitles for multiple movies and automatically renames the downloaded sub files for you. Now that’s a first!

18. Best Subtitles

Best Subtitles updates their database regularly and adds new movie subtitles to its collection. Also, available in the language you desire. As per the latest stats, there were 15202 subs and still counting…

19. 5Sub.com

Download movie subtitles in your preferred language and sort them accordingly for your ease of download.

20. SubDivX

Subtitles available for DivX and DVD formats. Subs for TV series are also up for grabs.

Above are 20 of the subtitle portals you can access. If you have more, do share in the comments section below.

Author Bio: Bramwell Osula is a movie buff. He writes reviews for both leading sites; Rotten Tomatoes and IMDb. You can follow him for updates on Twitter, Facebook, and Google+ channels.

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