How to Become a Good Amateur Film Reviewer?

Many people would love it if they are considered of having excellent film knowledge. In fact many experts in the industry continue to refine their skills. Becoming a respectable film reviewer is hard enough and it is important to follow some common sense, such as by avoiding saying that American Pie 7 is a perfectly original teen comedy. Although they are not yet considered critics, some film reviewers deserve distinction about typical fans, for their hard work. It doesn’t mean that film reviewers are the best, because there are still some critics who certainly have much better knowledge about film industry. In general, reviewers are more genuine in stating their opinions, instead of trying to impress others.

Reviewers always love films and preferably more than average film fans. They could watch specific films repeatedly and become a cult-following of a genre. Many reviewers watch at least 10 films a week and they have goals when they set out to put their thoughts on paper about films. They are enthusiastic about gaining more knowledge about films. Although they may not as knowledgeable as professional film critics, they are certainly quite knowledgeable. They have good enough options to advise what average people should watch and what they need to expect when they watch a film, without spoiling it.

How to Become a Good Amateur Film Reviewer

Film reviewers usually don’t have formal education in film making and they actually have separate day jobs. If this situation matches our criteria, then it is acceptable for us to become a good film reviewer. If we want a film reviewer, it is a good idea to not stop at watching films. It is acceptable for us read interesting books about film industry. We may skip those thick, serious book about film-making, as long as we get more knowledge. When writing reviews, we shouldn’t just rehash the storyline, it is important to analyze films a bit further. We should analyze a film with a too critical eye and even if the film is quite bad, we should be objective enough try to look at some of its flattering aspects. Seeing a film from a different perspective could also help us analyze a film less negatively.

We shouldn’t stop enjoying a film because we are busy criticizing it. In fact, reviewers should watch a film multiple times and use different perspective each time they watch it. As an example, in our second try, we could try to find a pleasure from an unoriginal, dumb comedy and it could actually be surprising that we will at least smile. New film reviewers could have doubt whether they are actually quite good. We shouldn’t also like a film because other critics seem to adore it. If a film has been somewhat over-inflated by other critics and reviewers, we should try to see at it from a different perspective.

Even if we are finally able to find less flattering aspects about these highly praised films, we should still use objective statements and avoid inciting conflicts with fans and other reviewers or critics.

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