25 Most Interesting Topics In Criminal Justice

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1. Child Abuse

Why are the rates of child abuse continuing to rise? What leads to child abuse, and how do we prevent these cases of abuse?

2. Family Crimes

Why are some people more susceptible to fall victims to crimes from members of their family? What are the true statistics of family related crime?

3. Hate Crimes

With the recent racial tension between community members and police, are the number of hate crimes truly rising? What constitutes a hate crime?

4. Homicides

What are the homicide rates compared from local, state and region? Are the national homicide rates rising or dropping?

5. Identity Theft

Thieves are now going high-tech, coming up with several different ways to commit identity theft. How can consumers stay one step ahead of the digital thieves?

6. Robbery

What type of theft is more common? What are the statistics when it comes to grand theft auto, home robberies or armed robberies?

7. Prostitution

Many people believe prostitution is a victimless crime, but it is in fact illegal. Does prostitution lead to human trafficking cases? What is the percentage of Americans who believe prostitution should be legal?

8. Domestic Abuse

Domestic abuse is a very serious crime in America, and the rates continue to rise. Why do Southern states have higher domestic abuse rates? What is being done to prevent domestic abuse related deaths?

9. Sexual Crimes

Which sex, age group and race is more likely to suffer from sexual related crimes? What percentage of reported sexual crimes involve children?

25 Most Interesting Topics In Criminal Justice

10. Theft and Shoplifting

What are retail stores doing to prevent theft in stores? How much money is stolen from stores across the country each year?

11. Embezzlement

Are thieves ever successful when they embezzle from an employer?

12. White Collar Crimes

Many people feel compelled to commit a white collar crime because they are in debt. Most people who commit these crimes are office workers or government employees. These crimes can include internet fraud, credit card fraud and embezzlement.

13. Human Trafficking

Human trafficking is a rapidly growing concern in America. Thousands of people are kidnapped and forced into the sex industry, basically becoming a slave. Which states is this industry more prevalent? What is being done to free these men and women?

14. Drugs

Some people sell drugs to make ends meet, some sell drugs to feed their addiction. Why are some prison sentences so high for first time offenders? Is rehab a realistic solution?

15. Elder Abuse

More cases of elder abuse are being documented in America. This can either be from a staff member at a nursing home, a friend or family member. Can cameras help prevent the abuse? If the elder person is mentally fit, can they be made aware of how to protect themselves?

16. Animal Abuse

Some states are starting to make animal abuse crimes a felony, which is more than the usual slap on the wrist. What are the rates of animal abuse cases across the country? If more money is given to animal shelters, could we help prevent the wrong people adopting animals through background checks?

17. Arson

Why do people feel compelled to commit arson? Is it related to a mental disorder? Should the punishment be more severe for those who commit arson?

18. Mass Media and Crime

Do people feel compelled to commit crimes based off of news reports? Some argue that mass shootings are more popular because others feel encouraged to do the same. Are we capable of separating facts from fantasy?

19. Prison System

America’s prison system is the brunt of many critics across the world. Should some felonies be changed to misdemeanors? Would legalizing marijuana reduce prison rates? Should prisons not be privatized?

20. Racial Profiling

Are minorities truly profiled? Many Americans feel as if they are under extra scrutiny from police, even though they are innocent of no crimes. What are the percentages of those wrongfully arrested?

21. Police Brutality

Tensions across the country are mounting, based off of the actions of corrupt police officers. Some are angry, saying the actions of a few don’t stand for the actions of all. What are the real rates of reported police brutality across the country?

22. Gang Activity

Is gang activity stronger in more populated cities? What motivates gang related crime?

23. Re offenders

How should re offenders be treated when released for a second time? Should it depend entirely on what their crimes were? What if it was a sexual crime, or murder?

24. Crime Prevention

How are communities working to prevent crime, and reduce their current rates? Is the current issues involving brutality getting in the way of improving this statistic?

25. Organizational Crime

Is organizational crime still a big issue in America? How are today’s rates of organized crime compared to the “golden age” of the 1920’s and 1930’s?

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