3 Hotels Offering Luxury Bathrobes to Guests

When looking for luxury hotels for your next extravagant getaway there are many things to take into account: location, amenities, restaurants on or near the premises and what experiences are offered or even included during your time at the hotel just to name a few. But the last thing you are likely to consider is “what is in the closet?” But one of the most well received comforts high end hotels provide their guests are luxury bathrobes. Hotels that can afford to give out bathrobes to their guests tend to deliver superior experiences than that of their lower end competitors. The ability to first meet and then exceed every one of their guests’ needs is what sets well appointed hotels apart and is also what keeps guests who seek an unparalleled experience coming back.

Not all hotels are created equal. There is a reason why luxury hotels have earned the surname “luxury”. While the two story hotel down the street might have rooms starting at a lower price point, they are not ever going to cater to all of your desires the way a luxury hotel does and prides itself on. If price is what is keeping you from choosing to stay at an upscale hotel than you need to imagine what you would be gaining by investing in the best for your next holiday. Check in is expedited by a top notch hospitalities team, your car is being parked for you by the valet and the bellhop is bringing your luggage up to your room. Along with your room key, you are handed a brochure for the world class spa detailing the special deals they are currently having as well as an attached list of all the amenities and events planned during the duration of your stay. Before even stepping toward the elevator you have been waited on more than you would the entire week at the discounted inn a few blocks over. Upon arriving in the lavishly equipped room you open the closet and discover an unexpected surprise, a plush luxury bathrobe to lounge in. This level of thoughtfulness is what you are investing in. No need you may have has not already been thought of and is ready to be provided for you before you have even leave your home. In the same way that all hotels are not created equal, not all bathrobes are created equal.

When looking to gift bathrobes to their guests some hotels will look for the cheapest option they can find, the end result is that you are wearing a robe that is as course and thin as one of the robes you might be given at the hospital. Nothing is as disappointing as receiving as stately a gift as a bathrobe only for it to be made of cheap low quality fabric. Again there is a reason why there are bathrobes and then there are luxury bathrobes. Such bathrobes are designed to have a timeless look and are created with the highest quality fabrics to ensure an outstanding appearance and feel. A luxury bathrobe should create a temptation to want to wear your robe everywhere. The meticulous planning that went into selecting the ideal fabric and cut to maximize comfort can be seen and felt in every thread. Hotels offering such a luxury are leaders in the field of hospitality and should be considered for your future vacations. Below is a list of 3 hotels offering such luxury bathrobes to their guests.

  1. Among Chicago’s newest boutique hotels are four properties owned by Bedderman Lodging. Betterman Lodging, a booming hospitality company that is only 6 years old has become synonymous in the area with luxury. Their newest hotel, The Wheelhouse, built within walking distance of the heart of the city, is designed to be contemporary and fresh with a plush boutique style emphasizing a feeling of exclusivity for their guests. The wheelhouse is glad to offer their guests the unique experience of a luxury bathrobe from Boca Terry in order to see to it that they feel costly.

  2. The quaint town of Green Mountain Falls Colorado is a hotel so self-indulgent that is has been named one of the best hotels in the world by Travel & Leisure. Priding themselves on rustic-simplicity this lodge style hotel located in the middle of a lush Colorado forest is the ultimate place to unplug and be refreshed. They do not utilize the same thick luxury bathrobe many hotels do, but one of Boca Terry’s waffle-knit bathrobe so that the robes can be worn even during the warmer months.

  3. Another smaller luxury hotel, the Stanton House, located near the border of Texas and Mexico draws much of its interior design inspiration from Mexico City. On top of providing guests of the hotel with a unique and beautiful environment full of art from European, Mexican and local Texan artists it also provides patrons with a full service spa and gives every guest a spa quality bathrobe from Boca Terry’s line of luxury bathrobes.

When quality matters, companies that continually strive for excellence are a necessity. Companies like those in the high-end upscale hospitality business are always evolving how they do things and continually asking why they do them that way. If the answer is not to maximize their consumers’ experience then they rework their process to ensure that it is. For this reason, the added value received when staying at a luxury hotel is worth the added expense. Searching for hotels that offer luxury bathrobes is more than looking for a robe. It is looking for a hotel that cares so much about the experience of their guests that they are willing to think of everything. It is what people pay top dollar for, high class treatment. This level of thoughtfulness is not only observed in your closet but is applied to every area and service provided by the hotel. If you are ready to experience the best then begin booking a weekend away with a luxury hotel. They are already prepared for you.

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