4 Cardinal Benefits Of Green Building Construction

The demand for more sustainable building options is increasing with time. Traditional and commercial buildings are among the major things that consume a lot of global energy and also immensely contribute to greenhouse gas emissions. As a result of the increase, the demand for green construction is becoming highly profitable. It is also a more desirable option to the international construction market. Green construction is a movement towards preserving the beautiful and natural atmosphere through reducing harmful emissions.

4 Cardinal Benefits Of Green Building Construction

Statistics has shown that greenhouse gas emission in the United States accounts to about 40 percent of carbon monoxide emissions from both the industrial and transportation sectors. A leed certified building assures 34 percent lower CO2 emissions with addition to a consumption of 25 percent less energy with 11 percent less water. A diversion of more than 80 million tons of waste from landfills is also recorded.

Green building consumption offers several benefits when perceived from different perspectives. The four benefits below might make an impact in switching to a greener environment.

Cost Effectiveness

Green building has proven effective as it has helped in reducing the day to day costs. Leed building incurs 20 percent lower maintenance costs than regular commercial buildings with a decreased operational costs by almost 10 percent annually.

An upfront investment in the green building makes one’s property more valuable. An average increase in the value of over 4 percent comprising of its low cost of maintenance and high energy costs. Green Buildings use about 14 percent of potable water which is around 15 trillion gallons per year. The water efficiency efforts in green buildings are expected to reduce water use by up to 15 percent to save more than 10 percent in operation costs.


Indeed, the benefits of green buildings go beyond just economics and the environment. It has proved to a result positive impacts socially. Of which, most benefits are cycloned around the health, well-being of individuals working in a green organization or living in green homes. A comprehensive study reveals that workers working in a well ventilated green offices record a 101 percent increase in their duty performances. A better indoor air quality with a low CO2 can lead to improved performances by up to 8 percent.


Among the most beneficial advantage which green buildings is its offering to our climate and our natural environment. These green buildings do not only reduce negative impacts on our environment by less water consumption, natural resource utilization or energy savings but also impacts a positive change in our environment by increasing biodiversity.

The building sector when properly regularized has the largest potential to reduce greenhouse gas emissions in comparison to other sectors that aids emission.

Green building practice can offer a great number of financial and economic benefits to sustain a better living condition. Recent projects are switching to greener solutions for a better quality of time.

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