4 Facts About Emergency Pet Clinics

Pets are just adorable, and many owners refer to them as part of the family. These fearless pets are not only playful but also bold. With such characteristics, they can get themselves in trouble sometimes. As a pet owner, your top priority is the pet’s health and any unusual behavior requires attention. Regular checkups by the family veterinarian are essential though there are some instances when emergency care is needed.

4 Facts About Emergency Pet clinics

When to seek emergency care for your pet

It is important to call a vet and explain to them what is happening to your pet so that they can advise you on what to do. Calling an emergency clinic will also help them prepare in advance for your arrival at the hospital and also give instructions on how to handle your pet if it is injured. The following are examples of instances that require prompt medical attention

When a pet is hit by either a blunt object or a car

Pet not breathing, is unconscious or you cannot feel the heartbeat

When it is bleeding from the eyes, nose or mouth, and vomiting blood

When you notice symptoms of heatstroke or when you suspect it has ingested something toxic

If you are visiting a new City, locate an accredited emergency pet clinic through the American Red Cross first aid app or AAHA hospital locator tool. What are the facts that you should know about pet emergency clinics?

Pet emergency clinics are open all year round.

Pets’ accident can occur any time of the day, any time of the week and any time of the month; thus clinics are open 24/7. Whether it is a weekend or a holiday the clinic is open for diagnosis, monitoring, and treatment of pets. It is important for you as a pet owner to know the directions to the nearby emergency clinic and to have their number.

Trained and qualified personnel

Emergency Pet Clinic New Braunfels has staffs who are accredited veterinarians and technicians trained in emergency services. The staff ensures they deliver excellent services to the clients and provide healthy pets after attending to them.

State of the art technologies and equipment.

When faced with an emergency, you need assurance that the facility you take your pet will handle everything without the need for referrals to other hospitals. Emergency pet clinics are specialized facilities with advanced technologies and equipment. The combination of equipment and technologies and personnel is a clear indication that your pet is in safe hands.

Emergency services available at Emergency Clinics

The emergency pet Clinic New Braunfels offers the best medical and surgical services promptly for your pet. Some of the services include -:

ECG Monitoring

Blood Transfusion Therapy

Oxygen, Nebulizer and Ventilator Therapy

Advanced Radiography and ultrasound

Blood Analysis Clinical Laboratory

Emergency Surgery

Full Chemistries

Emergency and urgent care for your pet will save the life of your pet and avoid complications. It is important to regularly visit your veterinarian to ensure your pet is at its optimal health and get the necessary immunizations. Another important thing is to acquire a medical insurance cover for your pet to cater for emergency care services.

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