5 Mistakes To Avoid When Hiring A Limo Service For Your Wedding Day

The pomp and color that greets wedding events can suddenly turn into a nerve wracking experience, if things appear not to pan out as desired. Top on the list of wedding mishaps is unreliable transportation. Without proper planning, transportation problems can easily arise if the distance between the ceremony and the reception is not given the consideration it deserves. Unfamiliar guests arriving from outside town via public means of transportation may also have it rough if proper arrangements to transport them to the venue is lacking. More important, if you are hiring a limo service for your wedding, here is a list of 5 common pitfalls to avoid:

5 Mistakes To Avoid When Hiring A Limo Service For Your Wedding Day

  1. Failure to hire professionals

Hiring transportation pros is undoubtedly the first step in ensuring transportation remains as hassle free as possible. This kind of arrangement will free your hand since you will have someone coordinate the rides and ensure the entourage is organized according to plan. During the hiring process, you can discuss various transportation options such as bringing in stylish cars, limos, open air buses or even photo mounted vehicles to spruce the event and add the much needed glamor.

  1. Paying little attention to the transport contract

Skimming through the transportation contract without a second thought can prove costly because serious omission or errors could be overlooked. The consequences may cause late arrivals or mean no vehicle at all. Besides the contractual fee, you need to find out whether there are any additional fees to be paid. Always make sure you agree with all the details of the contract before signing.

  1. Allowing guests to figure out their own parking

It is important to understand that organizing for transportation and putting in place proper parking arrangement are two different things. You can organize for a workable parking arrangement by calling a round table meeting with the reception site manager and parking attendants to craft a plan of action. If you have an elaborate transportation plan; whether it involves hiring a full valet service team, personal transportation or rental limo service, make sure you discuss the plan you have in mind to find an arrangement that will work for everybody.

  1. Bypassing guest transportation

If you have a large guest list, especially of people coming from out of town, it is important to make prior transportation arrangements to ensure the guests arrive at the event in good time to avoid unnecessary interruptions. Giving thought to bus, shuttle transportation if the need arises can save your guest valuable time and eliminate unease.

  1. Neglecting traffic

Wedding event organizers who overlook the impact of traffic such as traffic snarl up, gridlock or closed roads are more likely to regret the decision because of its effect on time and the overall program progression. Monitoring and discussing traffic arrangements with the transportation service can help you create room for route adjustments that can go a long way to save time. Time adjustments can also be made to the program by allowing say 20 minutes regulation to cover potential delays.

So, avoid these mistakes in order to enjoy your wedding hassle free!

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