5 Plumbing Terms You Probably Don’t Know But You Should

There is more to plumbing than just doing house cleaning after you are done. When it comes to the field of plumbing there are some common terms that are frequently used. These terms many people should know but often do not. Knowing this information can help a person complete some plumbing projects on their own and save a lot of money. And it will also give the phrase deep cleaning the snake a whole new meaning.

5 Plumbing Terms You Probably Don't Know But You Should


A snake in plumbing in a skinny, flexible cable that is used to remove buildup from the drain. It can go down far and will remove any gunk that may be causing the drain to be clogged.


This term is a paste that is used to close and seal pipe threads. It can also be used to lubricate some of these threads. Not to be mistaken for the cleaners you use when you are trying to do proper house cleaning.


A trap is used to describe the fixture that is located under the sink. This trap looks like the letter p. The trap in plumbing was designed to help hold some water and to prevent the gases from the sewer from coming back into the home and causing an unpleasant smell. It is very important that the trap is in proper working order. It is also one of the things that has to be thoroughly taken care of when doing spring cleaning to avoid the bad smell.

Basket Strainer

A basket strainer is a term used to describe the piece of the drain that bolts the kitchen sink in place. This will make sure the sink is firmly in place and the water is able to go down the drain and out of the house. This will make domestic cleaning much easier due to the easy control of the flow.

Pecker Head

A lot of those here, right? While this is a funny sounding term it is very important in the field of plumbing. This term is used to describe the supply line that supplies water to a sink or a faucet. This is also something that requires a lot of attention when doing home cleaning as you want to keep germs away from this spot.

These are just some of the common terms used in plumbing that the average person does not know. These terms will help give a person a better understanding of plumbing and will know what common items are called. It will make the job of plumbing much easier should you ever venture to do it, but it does require some getting used to the terms. After you do that, it is all smooth sailing.

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