Contemporary Security Living Than Ever: What’s With iSA6 Wireless Security System Kit

One of the recent technological innovations in home security is the smart home security systems, which allows you to be constantly in touch and informed  of your home’s present safety status even if you’re away from home.

Among these innovative burglar alarm monitoring systems is Alarm System Store’s iSA6 Wireless Security System Kit, a DIY home security system that leverages smartphone technology to provide home security updates and emergency notification to its users. Compared to other home security systems, the iSA6 Wireless Security System Kit is easy to use and budget-friendly, making it a great choice for homeowners looking for cost-effective smart home security systems. The best thing about the kit is that it doesn’t burden users with misleading contracts and monthly fees, everything is handled in a single payment. Learn more about the components of iSA6 Wireless Security System and why getting this interactive alarm system keeps your home safe and secure.

  1. The Preeminent CubeOne

Contemporary Security Living Than Ever: What's With iSA6 Wireless Security System Kit

Cube One functions as the brain of iSA6 Wireless Security System Kit components. It’s a CPU hub that supports all generations of iCamera, including iCamera KEEP, and each iSmartAlarm device. Cube One also sports a 110-decibel siren that blasts louder than your car horn and will definitely get the attention of neighbors and people nearby during emergency. It harnesses the capabilities of cloud’s bleeding-edge technology to provide real-time security information to its users anytime, anywhere.

There are many ways to effectively install a wireless alarm system. For iSA6 Wireless Security System, all you have to do is connect the cube to a wall outlet and internet router, and you’re ready to go. After installation, you are now able to control the iSA6 Wireless Security System anywhere. You can turn it on and off whenever you want, access live feeds through the system’s directional iCamera, and even check a family member’s status.

  1. The Convenient Door/Window Sensors

Contemporary Security Living Than Ever: What's With iSA6 Wireless Security System Kit

The iSA6 Wireless Security System Kit includes two battery-powered sensors you can easily install on your doors and windows using adhesive tapes included in the kit. Normally, sensor positions are limited because of wire lengths and installation methods: sensors used on doors will remain on doors, the same goes for window sensors. Fortunately, the sensors of iSA6 allow users to maximize their home security system. Because the sensors are easily removable due to its wireless features and its adhesive tape installation method, you can move your sensors as you wish. If you feel like the doorways are particularly vulnerable on a certain day, you can position both sensors at your doors. That’s one of the many advantages of owning a wireless security system.

The security possibilities of iSA6 Wireless Security System Kit’s sensors are endless. Users can make full use of its DIY home security features by positioning sensors at unconventional places like drawers, cabinets, refrigerator, and even inside cleaning supplies. This positioning flexibility will surely keep your home safe and secure wherever you are.  

    1. The Alert Remote Tags

Contemporary Security Living Than Ever: What's With iSA6 Wireless Security System Kit

The remote tags of iSA6 Wireless Security System Kit serve as exclusive security keys for family members who don’t have a smartphone and for kids who are too young to own one. This foolproof measure ensures that your loved ones can control the wireless alarm system kit and remain under constant surveillance anywhere at home. It also has emergency contact features that keeps you connected to your loved ones at home in case anything happens that requires your immediate presence and assistance.

The remote tags also have the ability to arm and disarm the alarm system. The iSA6 remote tags are designed to set off the 110-decibel siren whether the iSA6 alarm system is armed or not. This way, you can still use its security features in case of medical emergencies or illegal intrusion  even when you forgot to arm the system.

    1. The Ultra-Sensitive Motion Sensor

Contemporary Security Living Than Ever: What's With iSA6 Wireless Security System Kit

The iSA6 Wireless Security System Kit’s motion sensor is so sensitive that it can detect irregular activities anywhere within its 30-feet sensor radius. This level of motion sensitivity is crucial when identifying home intruders. Further, you can expect that you’re notified immediately by the security system and still have ample time to call the authorities and catch the intruders redhanded. Just like iSA6 Wireless Security System Kit’s convenient door and window sensors, the motion sensor is powered by battery, interacts with the system wirelessly, and is easily detachable so you can position the device in the best places to put a motion sensor.

Because of its wide sensor radius, you’re better off positioning the motion sensor in typical burglary hotspots and places where people has to pass by to move around your home like your hallway. Bedrooms, home office, and garage are top choices since these places are where people typically hide their valuables, making it more predictable where burglars will head first upon successful intrusion. The kitchen and spare rooms are good choices as well, as these usually empty rooms that intruders are most likely to target.  

  1. The Highly-Observant iCamera

The iCamera of iSA6 Wireless Security System Kit makes sure that you’re getting the full view from where it is positioned whenever you need it and wherever you are. The iSA6 Wireless Security System app on your smartphone will give you complete control over the camera: you can pan and tilt it as you wish. It also possesses advanced burglar alarm monitoring features like live video streaming so you can check the status of your home every now and then in real-time. Whenever it detects something off in its surroundings, the iCamera will automatically take photos for you to review. You can also manually control it to take pictures and send it directly to the cloud storage of iSA6, which  you can access later for in-depth analysis and verification.

The iCamera is perfect for surveillance of spacious areas and can be ideally positioned at the corner and on elevated platforms. This way, you can maximize the panning and tilting capabilities of the camera. Make the most out of interactive home security systems and combine its features with the ultra-sensitive motion sensor, so you can rely on highly-accurate and real-time security notifications that you can address immediately.

Why iSA6 Wireless Security System Kit is Perfect for Anybody

Each component of the iSA6 Wireless Security System Kit are elegantly designed and easy to use, making sure that its design and usability provide you the best smart home security system features.

Because each device are detachable and installation doesn’t require drilling holes in the wall, the iSA6 Wireless Security System Kit is perfect for renters who are concerned about rent policies on significant room alterations and for homeowners who like to keep their home unblemished .

Owning this interactive wireless security system is a surefire way to make your home a lot safer a to live in. See how the iSA6 Wireless Security System Kit will revolutionize home security systems for years to come with Alarm System Store.

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