What is SEO and Why You Need It in 2019

SEO or search engine optimization is a method used by millions of people and businesses to increase their presence and overall ranking on search engines. SEO is the bread and butter of online digital marketing and if you are not conducting search engine optimizations efforts in this day and age you are potentially missing out on tons of leads, sales, and overall business. There are many different marketing companies that can provide SEO services in Florida that can provide methods and strategies to make your online presence boom but also take into consideration that there are some things you can do on an individual level that can help you out big time before you seek outside help. While marketing companies that provide SEO services have access to resources and have capabilities that you may not be sure you do your due diligence! A good resource to do some research on is a company called Paton Marketing an SEO service in Miami who has really emerged as one of the nation’s premier digital marketing and website development companies. They have an expanded strategy that brings success to companies of all sizes. With any marketing firm that specializes in SEO, it is important that they take the guesswork out of marketing and deliver results. The thing about SEO is that it is not an instant overnight result kind of thing. It takes time to rank pages and climb the ranking ladder of google. Effective search engine optimization is a commitment, not a campaign so when you are shopping around for a marketing company keep that in mind. Let’s discuss some SEO efforts you can make on your own before you reach out to SEO service providers. 

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Choosing Keywords

Choosing keywords is one of the most important aspects of starting a search engine optimization campaign. In older days you would buy keyword packages and the more you had the better. Now you can pick as many as you want with no charge as long as they relate to your domain and are things that people are choosing to search for. These keywords will have to be embedded on your site as well as on any off page blogs. This relevance and keyword population will align your site with terms. If you are working with a digital marketing firm you can get keyword recommendations that relate your site or product. For example, a keyword for a personal injury law firm may be, Best Personal Injury Law Firm Miami or Law Firm Miami. There is another form of keywords also known as long term keywords. With the evolution of voice to text and Siri or Alexa artificial intelligence, a lot of people are searching using questions. In times past people would insert separate words into the search bar such as Free + Music. Now they are asking questions to google like, where can I find free music? So covering these options will help you succeed in SEO as well as keep you on track with your overall theme.


Blogging is a key component in the overall SEO picture. In the eyes of Google, the more relevant and organic content you have the better they will rank your page. They are looking for the most relevant search for the people that are googling a particular keyword, phrase, or business so if they see that your business is constantly updating its blog page with helpful relevant content they are going to notice and think that you can provide answers and inform their searchers. There are two types of blogs for SEO. One is On-site blogs, which are blogs that you write that can be seen from your actual website. A lot of sites have a specific section for blogs that people can visit and look at to find an answer to a question or just see what you or your business has been up to. So if you do not have a blog section on your website you need one, bottom line. Google has recently updated its algorithm and one of the changes they made is that it now specifically looks for websites with blog sections that are regularly updated. Another type of blog is what is called Off Page or Guest Posts. Guest posting or off page blogging is a strategy that is used by SEO services to put blogs containing your specific keywords that are then embedded within a blog that must have a minimum of 1,000 words. Once this piece of content is written it can be put on a site with a link going back to your homepage. This is called link building and usually requires access to a technical team who knows how to build links. The more backlinks you have the stronger that piece of content becomes and in turn the stronger your domain and ranking on search engines become. If you want you can write this content yourself and then have the SEO company create the links that could save you money and time.

It is very important to think of your business or company as a media company before anything else. Even if you are a bakery that sells the best cakes in town that is great but unless people know about how good your cakes are, they are not going to know to shop at your store. When you become a media company first you will have the necessary tools available to you to be able to post your awesome cakes on social media with engaging content and videos and captions. If you can harness the power of the internet and manipulate it in a way that benefits you then you are ahead of the game. Providing awesome and new content does just that. Everything in the world we live in is related to visual media and things that catch the eye and engage with people so if you can apply that to your website, business, and overall online presence you are going to see continued success and growth.

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