5 Things To Consider When Leaping Into Cloud

Shifting a business to cloud in form of website and application hosting can be somewhat tricky. Good and bad cloud service providers are out there, from business to business, different requirements are involved, there is always a goal for leaping into cloud, and stuff like that. Put together, the variables make it difficult for one to know which platform or hosting option to go for. For individuals and entities having a hard time with selecting the right hosting or cloud option, here are things to keep in mind to make the process seem pretty much easy:

5 Things To Consider When Leaping Into Cloud

Data Security

Data comes first because information is critical to the existence and operation of every business. Every business has a goal as much as the bad guys out there. While the business is trying to grow, the bad guys would constitute a bottleneck by wanting to gain unauthorised access to the business infrastructure and data, and this way, making it difficult to reach the goal of setting up a business. A security breach or data compromise could cause a business to liquidate. Given this situation, it is important for a business owner moving to cloud to take into account security for their business to determine which option or provider to avail their services. If a company has special security need, VPS (virtual private server) is recommended.

It is important to also look at the threat model put in place by a cloud service provider to detect and to thwart attacks from the bad guys. A threat model is a security plan put in place to secure a network facility and prevent it from being plunge into disasters. Different providers implement different systems of averting threats. Some are robust others are not. When choosing a hosting package, it makes sense to take into account what security measures are put in place to secure business data by the provider.


There is always this goal for wanting to host a business on cloud. One has to get down to brass track viz-a-viz that goal in order to determine which hosting package will help reach that goal. No two businesses are the same. They may be identical in operation, the goals may differ in certain aspects. So also hosting plans. All in all leaping into cloud would require determining one’s as well as what hosting option would do for it.


Business expands. While one might start a business pretty small and has requirement for a pretty small business, the business could expand to the level where an upgrade has to be made. Say for instance a business grows to the level where a it becomes imperative to increase the hosting package for its website, it would be done pretty easily and quickly if the hosting platform is scalable. Scalability of resources paves the way for one to opt for the exact amount of resources needed for a business. It eases downsize and upgrade. Considering the foregoing, a person dabbling into cloud hosting has to take scalability of resources into account.

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