5 Ways To Get Rid Of Bed Bugs

Have you discovered bug bites on your skin? Do you feel that bed bugs removal service are the reason for these? Are you thinking of hiring a pest exterminator? If the answer to these questions is yes, read the following easy tips to get rid of these nocturnal monster who can feed on your blood while you are asleep in your comfortable bed.

5 Ways To Get Rid Of Bed Bugs

Inspect your House

Bed bugs are mainly found in cracks and recesses, mattresses, bed sheets, furniture, picture frames etc and they only feed on blood. They are more active at night when the host is asleep. They are small and really hard to find, so it is better to examine your mattresses, bed sheets and rugs on a regular basis. In case you find any signs of bed bugs, quickly go for the remedial actions

Clean your House

Remove all the clutter from your house. It makes inspecting your house and finding bed bugs easier. You should wash your bed sheets, rugs and linens often using hot water as bed bugs die when subjected to hot temperature. Inspect the photo frames and furniture or any other wooden equipment before bringing them home.

Tips to keep in mind while Travelling

While an overnight stay in a hotel, survey the bed sheets and other surfaces for signs of infestation. Look at all the places that can be prone to finding the bed bugs. They are nocturnal and feed on blood at night, so their hiding places are near to the radius of the bed. Elevate your luggage and carefully examine it before repacking and coming back home.

Vacuum Cleaners

You can use vacuum cleaners to remove bed bugs while the laundry process is running. It will remove bed bugs, their shells and eggs from the mattresses and bed sheets. Vacuuming can be followed by a high-pressure stream that penetrates deep inside mattresses and cleanes it.

Sprays and Powders

To kill the bed bugs that you may have missed mistakenly following the above steps, you can use sprays and powders to ensure a long lasting defence from them. Sprays such as STERI-FAB and JT Eaton are known to kill the bed bugs. Bedlam Plus is another spray, which when sprayed in cracks and crevices can help you get rid of these bugs.
You can also apply bed bug powder into the hidden places. Some areas like under the chair and tables and also the edge of the carpet are few of the hidden places of these bugs and spraying the powder there will kill them off.
Instead of spending thousand of rupees in hiring a pest exterminator, you can go for the above steps to get rid of bed bugs and sleep well.

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