6 Best Natural Teas and Their Health Benefits

Black, green and white teas each have unique health benefits, Tea is the most popular drink overall after water, and teas has been found to be improved bone mineral density, and fight against cancer, heart disease, and diabetes; Tea can Lower cholesterol and promote weight loss; And to bring mental alertness, many medicinal qualities, Tea appears to have antimicrobial properties. Therefore, here are the best natural teas for health.

Ginger Tea

6 Best Natural Teas and Their Health Benefits

Ginger tea is a perfect source of multiple vitamins and minerals, extremely tasty and especially has anti-inflammatory properties, and fight against nausea and motion sickness, that certainly much more beneficial for your digestion system. Protective properties of ginger tea help fight viral infections such as the flu, influenza and cold sore. Ginger tea helps to balance blood sugar and safely stimulates the pancreas, Also, ginger can reduce intestinal inflammation, combat constipation, diarrhea and prevents bad cholesterol storage in the liver. Ginger plays an important role in the process of burning fat.

White Tea

6 Best Natural Teas and Their Health Benefits

White tea has a more delicate flavor than any variety of tea. In addition, One thing to keep in mind that loose tea contains more antioxidants than tea bags.

White tea may be considered the same as other types, Because it has multiple positive roles for health. Helps to fight against cardiovascular disease and cancer, and some researchers say that it is beneficial in the fight against diabetes.

Rosemary Tea for the Brain

6 Best Natural Teas and Their Health Benefits

Rosemary improves blood circulation to the brain and help prevent Alzheimer disease. The antioxidants in plant protect neurons against free-radicals caused problems, rosemary has been used to relieve digestive discomfort and indigestion. In addition, it promotes hair growth, Rosemary can help in treating eczema, improves cognitive functions and acts as an antioxidant, protecting the body from heart disease and even cancer.

Rooibos Tea

6 Best Natural Teas and Their Health Benefits

It is rich in vitamin C as other minerals and antioxidants. It is also recommended as eczema skin problems. This can help fight against cardiovascular disease and some cancers.

Chamomile Tea

6 Best Natural Teas and Their Health Benefits4

Chamomile tea can be useful in insomnia. It also helps digestion after a meal. Another recommendation of chamomile, it’s fight against cough and bronchitis, if you have a cold or fever.

Green Tea

6 Best Natural Teas and Their Health Benefits5

Unlike black tea, the green has a delicate flavor. A cup of green tea contains an average about 25 milligrams of caffeine. Like black tea, green tea is rich in antioxidants, it can reduce bad cholesterol in the blood and improve good cholesterol. It protects your skin from wrinkles and aging.

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