6 Tips to Play the Guitar with Good Technique

If you will teach yourself how to play guitar, then in learning process you may develop some bad habits and believe me, bad habits die hard. You will find it difficult to get rid of these habits. When I learned to play guitar, there were no apps to guide me. Beginners don’t have patience and they want to learn everything overnight. You may have read how to books and websites and all of them insist to take the things slowly. Slow learning process will help you to focus on basic things from the very beginning.

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Have you ever watched the best guitar players in the world, it doesn’t matter which Soundtracks they play, but they all have one thing in common, that is proper technique.

Avoid Death Grip: When you first take guitar in your hand, you will discover that it is difficult to press the strings. You will find it difficult because it will hurt your fingers and you will have problem with your wrist also. If you put your thumb on the neck of guitar, it will restrict your fingers to reach.

In order to deal with this situation, put your thumb on the back of the guitar’s neck and this will allow your fingers to reach and play properly.

Rehearse While Standing and Sitting: In the beginning you will find it difficult to walk around the room while playing guitar. The important thing is if you can’t do it now, then how you will fulfill your dream of playing in front of crowd.

Don’t Learn the Process Fast: There is no need for speed; this is not the last day go slowly and learned with good technique. Learning with proper technique means you know accurate fingering and hitting the right notes. If you concentrate on precise fingering from the very beginning One day you will gain speed and all this will happen by itself. Just concentrate on playing the guitar correctly and speed will come naturally.

Correct Fingering: Guitar experts always suggest playing certain chords and scales. You must be aware which fingers should be used to play certain notes.

Don’t Hesitate To Play Difficult Chords: Recently I was recording with a famous singer-guitarist and it was difficult for her to play a B minor chord. Actually fingering was difficult for her. That is why I suggest playing all those difficult chords at home. Spending more time and energy on playing these will help you overcome your hesitation. Otherwise if you happen to play the same in front of a crowd, then it will serve as a barrier for you.

Practice with Discipline: If you cannot put your hands regularly on the guitar and practice your lessons, then how come you will become proficient in it? Remember to give at least 10 minutes only on those days when you are too busy and invest a good amount of time when you are free. Good techniques are developed by practice; you can find more information on music blog. Your mind and fingers are supposed to remember how to work in coordination to each other.

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