7 Best Software Testing Blogs You Should Follow

Quality analysis is one of the most essential parts of any quality related process. A number of people generally get trained in the same and look for QA testing training. If you too are one of those people then following some of the below mentioned blogs can be extremely beneficial for you.

7 Best Software Testing Blogs You Should Follow


This blog is run by a blogger who is adept in QA testing training and the person is Michael Bolton. The space of DevelopSense is blog something every person related to QA should totally follow as it harbours some great information about the same.

James Bach’s Blog

Out of all the one person run blogs, this one particular blog page run by James Bach is the finest. By making use of certain forums, James Bach try to solve and answer certain questions that are often asked by users. The best feature of this blog is the honesty that it maintains keeping everything real.

QA journal

QA journal is a blog run by TestFort QA lab which is a high end company growing at a fast pace offering QA testing services. It specialises in providing automated to manual type of testing services. Although, this blog isn’t regular in posting stuff as they post mostly quarterly but when they do post, they post something extraordinary. Therefore, for any person who is into QA testing training, following this blog is very beneficial.

Clearvision blog

This is yet another blog space which is run by a company and the company mainly deals in software development services. The company has its headquarters in UK and Southampton and they have headquarters located in Ireland, USA and UK. The blog from the company generally focuses on Agile, GIT, ALM and much more.

Quality remarks

The owner of Quality Remarks is Keith Klain who is a person with over 20 years of experience in managing quality programs. The entire purpose of this blog is to coach and helping people that are seeking QA testing training. Following the space will enlighten you with tons of informative knowledge and everything related to the same.

Software testing help

Out of all the innumerable types of software blogs available on the net, this one is found to be the most acknowledged of all. The blog is growing and expanding at a very fast pace. Apart from the blogs on QA testing, these people post a lot about career packages and freelance opportunities which again is beneficial for every person seeking QA testing training or is currently going through the same.

The QASymphony blog

The last blog on our list is from QASymphony, which is yet another very fascinating type of blog when it comes to QA testing. The blog sometimes feature some of the finest leaders including Matt Huesser. Kevin Dunne and others. The best part about this blog is the consistency that makes them post more than 3 blogs every week.

Mentioned in the above section are some of the majorly important blogs from quality analysis point of view. Following them almost any person can learn different things about quality analysis and learn from the same.

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