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DMIT Studio is the creator of the DMIT Software brands in India. The DMIT Software will try finding the capabilities of your brain and exploring possible potential areas of interest. There is a scientific link between the DMIT Software and your fingerprint patterns and brain lobes. The utility of the software lies in the fact that it exposes your hidden talents and brings about a transformation in your overall personality. In fact, the DMIT Test Report provides an analysis of the positive and negative aspects about you. DMIT Test Software or Dermatoglyphics Multiple Intelligence test is one of the best tools for identification and analysis of all such personality traits. A person gets directed towards the right path/direction, while the DMIT Software will help to identify the hidden talents, potentials, capabilities, interests and last but the least your strengths. Age is never considered to be a bar for taking such a test. If your are keen to fulfill all your objectives in life, then you opt for such a software.

DMIT test software

What is the Midbrain Activation?

The human brain is indeed a very complex structure that has the right and the left brain and a mid brain that acts as a bridge between the right and the left. The right brain is associated with emotion and intuition and the left is with logic. The Midbrain is located below the cerebral cortex and above the hind brain. It is this midbrain that is associated with the visual and auditory senses, senses related to temperature, those related to sleep and waking up and the motor control activities. Midbrain activation is a technique that optimizes the midbrain functions, for the achievement of some balance. The development of a child’s brain is said to happen well with a balance being struck between the right and the left hemispheres.

The same balancing activity is possible through the midbrain activation, when the theta and the alpha brain waves are stimulated. Emotional stability is the result that is achieved. Alpha waves help in the reduction of the stress and relief from pain and the theta brain waves achieve Zen meditation and hypnotic induction. The purpose is to build confidence in the child. This very midbrain activation also heightens the concentration and focus, thereby considerably enhancing the reading abilities of a child. A similar mid brain activation will not only help to reduce stress in adults, but allows them to take quicker decisions, with increased intuitive senses along with emotional equilibrium. DMIT Test Software is just another tool like mid brain activation, that will bring about a growth pattern in a child. A congenital relation exists between the finger ridges and the brain.

A mapping is done with the distributed cells of the fingerprint and analysis will exhibit which part of the brain has the potential. The strengths are nurtured and weaknesses are reduced, with the analytics obtained. This leads in turn towards a balanced overall child development. In today’s competitive environment, a psychometric test is very useful, for increasing the cognitive abilities in a child and then mapping these successfully towards a particular requirement. The child will evolve into a better personality, oozing confidence and with heightened self-esteem and confidence.

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