Best Biometric Gun Safes By Liberty

In today’s day and age, just owning guns isn’t enough. Your guns and rifles also need to be kept secure and safe. We live in a world filled with crime and the chances of your guns and firearms getting robbed are extremely bright. Buying a good gun safe is absolutely essential in order to prevent your firearms from getting stolen. The Liberty brand has made a series of excellent and reliable gun safes that can prevent any mishaps with your guns and rifles. We have compiled a list of the best biometric gun safes that Liberty has to offer. Here’s the list.

Best Biometric Gun Safes By Liberty

Centurion Biometric Gun Safe Liberty

The Centurion Series of the gun safes by Liberty come available in 3 different models. There is the 12 gun model safe, 18 gun model safe and the 24 gun model safe. The Centurion series are fire protected for upto 30 minutes. The interiors of the safes are fabric protected and prevent the guns and firearms from getting damaged. For extra protection, this safe has the feature of an external relocker. The lock is protected by an internal hard plate that prevents burglars and thieves from drilling holes into the lock. This safe is also pry resistant.

Revere Biometric Gun Safe Liberty

The Revere gun safe by Liberty is another excellent vault to store your rifles and guns. The Revere gun safes are fire protected for upto 40 minutes. Besides being fire protected, the Revere safes are burglar protected too. Made of 12 gauge steel, these safes are sturdy and cannot be broken into easily. Additionally the lock of the Revere safe is protected with a hard steel plate that prevents burglars from drilling holes into the lock. The tabs of this safe are pry resistant. The interiors of the safe comprise of a grey protective fabric that keep the guns and weapons protected from damage.

Colonial Biometric Gun Safe Liberty

The Colonial series of gun safes by Liberty are fireproof for upto 60 minutes. Made from 11 gauge steel, these sturdy and heavy duty safes are available in 3 sizes. There are triple layered hardened steel plates on the lock of this safe that prevent burglars from drilling holes into the lock. The door of this safe also has storage space and slots. This safe allows the user to store multiple guns and firearms. The safe has the capacity to fit rifles, handguns, knives, pistols and other weapons.

Franklin Biometric Gun Safe Liberty

The Franklin Gun Safes by Liberty are known to be amongst the sturdiest and strongest safes in the United States. The Franklin Safes have upto 75 minute fire protection. These are burglar protected safes have an excellent, instant and reliable locking system. The lock of this safe has a triple layered hardened steel plate that prevents robbers from attempting to drill a hole through the lock. The largest model in this series can hold upto 41 long guns. This safe is available in 3 different sizes.

Lincoln Biometric Gun Safe Liberty

The Lincoln series safes of Liberty brand have the feature of 90 minutes fire protection. These heavy duty and solid safes can store a number of weapons and firearms at a time. Besides storing weapons, this safe has an additional drawer where one can store their jewels and other important documents and valuables. The Liberty series of safes are available in three different sizes. They are available in 25 size, 35 size and 50 size. For aesthetic value, the safes are available in a wide range of colours for the customer to choose from.

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