7 Things That You Will Relate Only If You Have A Sibling

If there is a bond which is closer to a man’s heart then there you can’t miss out on the relationship that you share with your siblings. We will take you down the memory lane which will make you feel that why your sister is the best person to have by your side. Here we have listed down some reasons which make her the perfect companion whom you would always love to have by your side. And she never forgets to get an online rakhi delivery done even when you have been her worst enemy.

You may say the worst thing in the world and can simply walk away knowing this fact that she will not be judgemental about you. But dare anybody else except you to raise a voice against her and I am sure you will cut him to size.

siblings relationships

You might have always considered her the worst enemy that you have as she always complained about all your mischiefs to your Mom and Dad but at the same time she is the one to protect you when you so badly wanted to go out with your friends on some outdoor trip.

Every time your relatives visited you fought like enemies as to who has got the better gift. It can be something as trivial as box of sweets and chocolates.

You are the one who has been constantly bullying her. Every time when you played cricket you always asked her to bowl. But she too was no different, she clicked those amazing and funny photographs of you in her frilly frocks. She made sure that you cover her face with the girl’s cosmetics to make sure that you look exactly like a girl.

With the utmost innocence, you tried your level best to extract each other’s secrets so that you can blackmail them whenever the need arises for having some favours.

The two of you if ever left alone in the house led to some serious trouble for your Mom as when she used to come back she might find the house in total despair. Food spilled, pillow covers torn and the two of you clawing at each other was a common sight.

Starting from the television sets to video games and iPads, you always had a fight as to who will have the remote and who will play the video game first. In the end, both of you got beaten up by your parents but still things never changed for the two of you.

For all such reasons and many more, you have always adored each other. So no matter, even when you brother has gone to Delhi for his further studies, you never miss an opportunity to send rakhi to Delhi with the help of the impeccable delivery services which these online portal have.

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