A Guide About Stem Cell Therapy

Of late stem cell therapy has turned out to be a major cure for disorders like autism. This would be based on the fact that no form of surgical treatments is available for curing the same. The trend that has been observed is that certain creative areas of the brain do get damaged and are not in a position to function in a normal manner as well. One of the main objectives of this treatment would be to repair the damaged cells. It aims to restore the lost functions and in the process the quality of life improves by leaps and bounds. With the help of this therapy individuals do become independent and they are able to integrate into the society in a better way. With the help of stem cells they can convert into any other tissues of the body.

A Guide About Stem Cell Therapy

How the procedure is being conducted?

In most of the centres the stem cell therapy would count to be a reliable and safe procedure. Here no form of injections is needed and you only require surgery. From the bone marrow of the patient you go on to garner the stem cells. As part of the procedure there are 3 steps involved

  • The aspiration of the bone marrow takes place- You do go on to undertake the procedure in an operation theatre. Into the hip bone a needle is being inserted after local anaesthesia goes on to make the region numb. The main reason why it is done would be to ensure that the patient does not suffer from any type of pain. From the bone marrow roughly 100ml of the same is extracted.  The entire procedure would take around 20 minutes
  • After you come across that the bone marrow has been removed you take it to the laboratory of stem cell. From the other cells the stem is being separated and here you use the density gradient procedure. Around 3 hours you do take for the entire procedure
  • Then comes the injection of the stem cell. This procedure is being performed in an operation theatre. Through the spine a small needle is being inserted and then you do go on to inject the stem cells. Close to 50 million cells are being injected in this way. You are going to spend around 20 minutes for the procedure.

In terms of the stem cell therapy for autism in India you can consider it to be a safe procedure. As per medical records till date no adverse case has been reported from the same as well. Having said so problems do occur at some times. But all of them can be cured without too much of a hassle.

As far as the outcome of this disorder is concerned it is deemed to be positive on all counts. In a majority of patients positive outcomes have been expected by this disorder. You are bound to show better eye contact and decrease in the tendency of eye contact is some of the major symptoms in this regard.

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