A Guide To The Dos and Don’ts Of Cosmetic Surgery

Plastic surgery has become very popular among the modern generation. Nowadays, many individuals are opting for these surgeries to enhance their look. Many of them who decide to undergo these surgeries have plenty of questions. If you are one of them you need to know certain facts so you can feel comfortable regarding the surgery.

If you are planning to go for a plastic surgery, try to choose the best clinic. Sono Bello is one of the reputed clinics which have been providing many individuals with plastic surgery services for a long time.

A Guide To The Dos and Don'ts Of Cosmetic Surgery

But you have to know the dos and don’ts of the surgery before you invest on it.

Do get a complete history of your medical health: you need to review your entire medical history before your surgery. You need to do a complete health checkup to ensure the fact whether you are ready to undergo the surgery or not. The doctor’s opinion is very important to decide if you are healthy enough to try cosmetic surgery. Sono Bello reviews say that the experts can guide you regarding all of your requirements.

Be careful while showering:

You have to take a shower the night before the surgery. Also be sure to shower in the morning of surgery. You need to be more careful while showering after undergoing the treatment. Especially you need to be gentler while taking the shower right after the day of surgery. Try to keep incisions clean and dry. You must not scrub the incision.

You have to Drink Plenty of Water:

You need drink lot of water before the surgery. You should continue drinking lots of fluids after the surgery. You will recover more easily if you are well hydrated.

You need to use Ice Properly:

If you are suffering from swelling, pain and bruising, try to apply an ice bag along with water. It will help to provide you with relief from the discomfort. But do not utilize ice just after taking fat graft injections.

Do not Smoke:

Yes, you need to quit smoking. The harmful drugs and chemical in the tobacco products reduce oxygenation and blood follow of the skin. Smoking also helps to prevent healing and increases the chances of scarring and skin loss.

Do not Drink Alcohol before the Surgery:

Apart from smoking, you also need to give up consuming alcohol for a while before ongoing cosmetic surgeries. Your doctor will guide you when to start drinking again.

Do not Consume ibuprofen or Aspirin:

These supplements tend to reduce the proper functions of platelets which can increase the chances of bruising and bleeding. Other medications and herbal supplements also lead you to face several problems. So consult with your doctor about all the prescription drugs and supplements you consume.

Apart from all these, you should never make the mistake of judging your results too quickly. You should know that swelling is a normal consequence of any kind of surgery. This can take some time to completely disappear.  If you go through the Sono Bello reviews, you will know that complete healing requires almost six months. So, you need to be patient during the recovery period.

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