Antimony Tin Oxide Ato

Antimony Tin Oxide known as (ATO) is a fine light blue powder that is a well known chemical compound that has been used and studied by many engineers over the recent years. It is also known by many chemists when conducting certain experiments and the making of new commercial products.

Ato nanopowder application chemical formula that is used for many applications within certain products is Sb2Sn05. The unique chemical compound has physical properties as small as 40 to 100 nanometers. This chemical compound is used in mistly electronics and optics. With such a wide range of uses, it is no wonder why this chemical compound is so important especially in the production process. This is solely based on its unique components to transparent conductivity, have infrared absorbency and its antistatic abilities.


The antimony tin oxide particles are approximately 40nm in diameter and has been used as a shielding material and conductor in applications for commercial products such as LED bulbs and lighting display devices.

The ato nanopowder application plays a huge role in the construction process of not only lighting and displays, but the material plays a huge role in energy storage. Solar energy requires this type of chemical compound powder as well as the production of other specialized electrodes. As more and more people turn to solar energy to not only provide electricity within their home, this chemical compound will be at an ultimate high in supply and demand going forth.

The chemical compound also plays a role in scratch-resistance products being sold. A coating of this application is vital when you are looking to improve the longevity of your products, not to mention the scratch resistance benefit as the main factor which many products soley rely on.

The ato nanapowder application also serves as a transparent UV protection tool for products. When this material is added or applied to certain products you have a UV protection shield. This chemical compound is known to be in some sunglasses as they are the ultimate shield against the suns rays.

The Antimony Tin Oxide (ATO) nanopowder application is also great for EM and static shielding. It is known to block out and shield against most static discharge and general electromagnetism.

Those individuals that are using the Antimony Tin Oxide (ATO) Nanopowder for applications purposes in certain products should consider all health and safety precautions. Some of the suggested health and safety equipment that is generally used whwn usinf the chemical compound is the state of the art durable eyeshields, proper custom fitted gloves and a respirator filter. There is a lot more information regarding the safety and health precautions taken by those who are interested in working with this particular type of chemical compound.

If you plan to purchase the Antimony Tin Oxide (ATO) powder the packing will either come in secured jars, pails or drums. The light grey/blue odorless chemical compound is classified as a harmful chemical, therefore it is important to research and call the E.P.A for further information.

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