Improve Your Connection With Fixed IP SIM

In Today’s world regardless of one’s occupation, no one can deny the importance of staying connected at all times. In all fields of work communication is necessary. This is where the fixed IP SIM comes into use. This type of SIM card enables the user to maintain active two way connection throughout the day.

Improve Your Connection With Fixed IP SIM

About fixed IP SIM

IP address or Internet protocol address can be of two types, dynamic and static. The static or the fixed address never changes and it remains the same every time one connects the device to the internet. In case of fixed IP or Static IP SIM cards, a public IP address is affixed to the SIM and it never changes. At the time of using the Vodafone fixed IP sim, the network instantly recognise the device at any time and location, thereby, converting it into a trusted device while making off-site connections. Moreover, these SIMs provide added security as they are provided with fixed private internet protocols.

How does the fixed IP SIM work?

For using this kind of SIM, on simple has to insert the 3G or 4G Vodafone fixed ip sim into a particular router. The SIM card can be purchased from the nearest Vodafone store or other store selling mobile connections. After inserting the SIM one has to configure the APN and port forwarding settings by entering the unique credentials. Once the configuration is complete, the router will be connected to the internet network and it can be accessed from any location through the internet by using the fixed IP address that has been provided with the SIM card.

Advantages of using fixed IP SIM

With the help of the Vodafone fixed ip sim you can easily get access to your device from a distant location. One can use the applications that are on the phone and also edit and view the files that are saved in the device. For hosting one’s own website and for running a server a static IP address will be required. For this reason this type of SIM is best suited for business purposes. Moreover, this type of SIM is also useful for making VOIP or voice over IP which are phone calls through the internet without using the phone lines. The downtime that dynamic IP SIM users have to experience is reduced to a great extent in this case, thereby increasing the connection speed. These are also ideal for monitoring CCTV services. The high speed internet connection, most preferably 4G connections can be used to remotely connect and get access to the CCTV and other monitoring equipment.

These types of SIMS are available both in 4G as well as 3G. The user may select the type of SIM as per the required speed of the internet and there are several internet packs available at affordable rates.

Thus it can be concluded that Fixed IP SIMs are very effective in providing dependable connectivity and at the same time it creates robust and instant backup of applications as well as the data stored in the device.

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