Art Transcends You To Another Space. Read Why It Holds The Power To Change The World

Art Is The Oldest Form Of Expression

Art is possibly the oldest form of visual expression. Art is not something that was handed over to human beings just like that. Instead, our ancestors stumbled upon it while expressing their emotions, feelings, and experiences that cannot be described with the help of dialogues. It could be through poems, songs or painting that can still be witnessed at various historic caves. Preserving historical records wouldn’t have been possible without art. That is exactly how artists rebelled in those eras. With time art kept evolving and humans kept adding their personal touch to it.



It transcends you to another space

Art holds the capability to make us feel different and provide us with an experience that no other form on this planet can. It introduces us to new emotions and feelings that we are unaware of. It transcends us to another realm with all its beauty and flaws. In fact, art helps you with your mental health; art helps in relieving you of your negative thoughts and acquaints you with the ever-positive thoughts that were hidden deep within you. It calms you down and helps you with life problems.

It is an unbiased form of communication

Art has been that form of communication that knows no castes, creed, color or sex. All it knows is the expression of deep feelings. You cannot put art into a category; it refuses to fall under societal constraints and works in its own way. People across culture and boundaries communicate through art because it provides you with that bridge that forgets all boundaries. It brings society closer and helps like-minded people come in contact. You end up with a whole new world that you didn’t know existed before. And that’s possible only through art.

It holds the power to bring a change to this world

Art holds the power to change the world. It is recognized globally, and each country takes it differently. How different it may be, it globally empowers people and provides moral support that might not be possible with human endeavors. For example, Jewish painting invokes a sense of belongingness in jews and brings them closer. Not just with communities but it also helps to curb diaspora among those who are living far far away from their homes.

Menucha Page is a Jerusalem-based Jewish woman artist combining ancient themes of Torah Judaism and values with contemporary artistic techniques in painting, drawing, photography, woodwork, glasswork, and metalwork. Menucha Page’s style ranges from the abstract to the expressionist, to the representational, with themes ranging from the Hebrew alphabet to the ancient Jewish calendar. Feel free to check out her work and witness how she stimulates different emotions.

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