How Your Office Furniture Reflects Your Business

From a young age we are taught that first impressions are everything. From the first day of school to your first job interview you always want to look your best and put ensure that people hold you in high regards when it comes to your personal image. Now let’s say that you are a business owner or even manage an office or branch. Wouldn’t you want future employees, future clients, and even future investors to have a good first impression when they visit your workplace? Well regardless of what the actual building looks like, the inside of your office space is a direct reflection of your business and the businesses culture. You want people to walk in and want to be in there and be a part of your organization in one way or the other. The decor, ambience, and furniture in your office can greatly affect a number of things when it comes to work. The first example is productivity. If you have a work environment that is upbeat and bright and colorful it not only will create a sense of creativity but will maintain a high energy vibe that will spread to your employees and keep them busy and productive. If you have a business where there may be sales going on you want a workplace that is conductive to noise and will give each salesman a feeling of having there own space and room to make those sales calls. There are more traditional styles like cubicles, or maybe you are going for an open floor plan with tables that have no barriers because you want your employees to communicate better or if you have smaller business perhaps keeping it simple with the traditional desk and chairs, the possibilities and combinations are endless. If you have a business in Miami maybe you should consider the classic Miami Deco look to not only stick out but to also keep up with traditions.

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When picking the office furniture Miami for your business you should consider some things because after all it will portray your image and your company’s image. There are tons of styles to choose from, each with their own set of pros and cons that are included but not limited to, contemporary, modern, traditional, industrial, or even rustic. Let’s discuss some of these styles and figure out what best suits you and he people working and visiting your office.


When you think of traditional a couple things should come to mind. Some of those things should be larger pieces that stand out and are bold. Think of the classic bank or financial institution look. The furniture should have a feeling of fanciness and seriousness with a lot of wood furniture that really stands out. Business that have traditional office furniture usually give off an old school feel that means business. If you have ever been to a law firms office you would most likely see this look, the old court room look that gives the occupants the feeling of seriousness but productiveness. This style is popular amongst high level executives and people that enjoy the old school way of doing business. This style has survived the test of time and is still found in many places of employment all across the world.


Modern offices are becoming more and more common these days. Millions agree that this style offers the most productivity to the workplace and is able to cosmetically boost the image of the place. With the number of millennials entering the workforce growing more and more every day this style really appeals to that generation who appreciate the uniqueness and quirkiness of a modern style office. Open floor plans and bright colors mixed with simple whites and even furniture such as bean bags, uniquely designed desks and chairs, and an overall open shared space feeling. This style boosts creativity and collaborativeness and gives the people who work there a feeling of being a part of something. We are seeing more and more business moving in this direction. While it may be expensive to keep up with trends, this style is really a favorite among employees who work in a creative industry. If your business is in Miami, this look can really be a hit because after all when people think of Miami they are thinking of slick and modern structures and design.


The contemporary style is a blend of many different styles that focuses on natural lines, colors and designs. This ever increasing popular style is minimalist and simple. The contemporary style has a large amount of neutral colors such as greys and has a couple of bright colors that stand out but are not common. Patterns are absent and instead of dark woods the contemporary style offers light woods that contrast the greys and neutral colors. For a simple yet elegant feel this is a style that your office can use to stand out.

Rustic and industrial

The rustic style is a very popular style that is often seen in gastro pubs, homes, hotels, and now office spaces. The rustic feel is popular because it gives a cozy at home feeling that gives a level of comfort the the people that are in the space while still sticking out and making a cool impression. This style contains a lot of wood and pieces that are chunky and can even look like family heirlooms. The wood features may include wall panels, desks, flooring and even counter tops. The rustic style also coincides with the industrial style. The industrial style features open high ceilings metal finishes and concrete table tops and walls. This is a very popular style especially for offices that were once industrial complexes but where repurposed for offices.

At the end of the day an offices style and format will be subjective and to the business owners liking. If you are looking for a design that matches your personality and are just looking for inspiration in general try these different styles and go with what fits you and your organization best!

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