Yogiraj Gurunath Siddhanath Shares His Views About Worldwide Popularity Of Yoga

Yoga has become a boon for this generation. Not only the US but yoga is cooking a storm all over the globe. Such is its lifestyle benefits that it has become a lifestyle all by itself. This, 15000 years old top medical scientist has researched ancient ideas over the years. There’s a huge pool of science journals which speak for its health benefits and these health benefits have stood the test of time. As per Yogiraj Gurunath Siddhanath the catalyst drives the reaction making it the most popular health choice in the world. The US alone has seen a 50% growth in their yoga usage in 2016. As of 2016, the US has 36 million yoga practitioners and it’s likely to increase in the coming years. Thus, there are certain attributes, which makes it a viable option cutting across age and geographical dimension.

Yogiraj Gurunath Siddhanath Shares His Views About Worldwide Popularity Of Yoga

  • Yoga prevents various lifestyle diseases

More and more people are opting for yoga in such a healthier lifestyle. Irrespective of their motive for choosing this technique of exercise, they are drawn by this health benefit. The knowledge of its preventive measures has made it a viable lifestyle option. Medical science has validated this aspect of yoga. A regular indulgence of yoga keeps various diseases at bay like diabetes, cardiovascular diseases etc. It’s helpful in certain cases of cancer as well. Thus, all of this has strengthened its cause.

  • It helps in curing some chronic diseases

Another critical aspect of choosing this form of exercise is its efficacy in treating some chronic diseases. As they primary aspect of yoga deals with postures, alignment of the body, controlled breathing and stretching and bending, hence the muscles and ligaments get ample fodder for contraction and relaxation. This helps in restoring their regular function and momentum. Thus, some chronic ailments like asthma and arthritis are cured by regular practice of yoga. Even, if it can’t fully eradicate the disease, it greatly reduces the disease condition and its symptoms. A respiratory problem is one disease, which absolutely requires the help of yoga. Regular indulgence in controlled breathing in the fresh air enhances the respiratory system to many folds, making it a key feature yoga for such patients.

  • Yoga boosts mental health

A key aspect of yoga deals with meditation and connecting with your inner self. It’s not just an exercise but a way of reflecting the condition of your body. It is a way of gaining proper knowledge and awareness of self. Thus, many of its attributes act as a fodder for the nervous and endocrine system. This is validated by medical research that yoga indeed enhances your nervous and endocrine system. As per Yogiraj Gurunath Siddhanath yoga can reduce the symptoms of many mental diseases and facilitate their proper nerve functioning. Hence, people suffering from mental illness seek the help of yoga to sort out their issues. Not just mentally ill people but normal people too enjoy huge benefits due to effective measure. It greatly reduces the stress, anxiety levels and helps with depression and other such conditions.

Thus, the major health benefits of yoga speak for itself. It, not just the body yoga takes care of the major anatomical system operating in the body. Hence, it is the best lifestyle choice for all kinds of people.


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