How to test Gold if it is genuine or fake?

If you are weighing the god or silver jewellery by yourself, you can do it by using a scale or a graduated cylinder that can give you accurate measurements of the product easily. Another way to test the purity of gold is to get a magnet and if the gold item is drawn towards the magnet, consider it a fake metal and not gold because gold is not magnetic. Gold is a heavy mineral, and to check its trueness you can put it in water, and if it sinks, it is the best quality gold, and it does not, it is any random stationary.

Go to the skilled jewellers in the market

If you are not sure that the gold items you own are precisely the most authentic and accurate items you have paid huge amounts, you can take them to the reputed and highly skilled jewellers to check the quality. The jewellers use the acid check test to ascertain if the product you own is gold of high quality or not. The jewellery tests done by reputed jewellers will help you decide that the gold is not substituted with any other metals that can lessen the high quality of the gold.

What do you know about the gold Karats?

The purest gold available in the market is of 24 Karat, and when the karat rate reduces, the value of the gold also reduces minimizing its quality at the same time. It is important to know that the gold shop and the buyer both have the idea about the karat rating of their metals to get the ideal market values of gold. With a wide range of gold testers obtainable in the market,  or you may choose the trusted brand or buy jewellery made of swarovski crystals, you will see that several fake and forged items provide faulty rewards in their gold testing procedures.

Take the help of online tips and tricks

If you want to acquire a renowned gold tester, you can get them from a supplier or dealers or at a reliable online worldwide online portal like Make Vana Selling Gold and rose gold jewelry at affordable prices. Through the internet portals, you can get a much better selection of gold testers and at a reduced overall cost as compared to the mortar suppliers. You can get many more ways to identify the quality and purity of gold through online tips and tricks and stay satisfied with the gold products you own.

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