A Peep Into The World Of Bird Conservation In America

There is urgent need to protect the birds of Americas. Conservationist groups in USA are working tirelessly with the objective of conserving all bird species of the country taking due care that their habitats are also protected or recreated. Loss of habitat has lead to loss of nesting and breeding places which is a major reason for the rapid decline in bird population. This issue is being addressed with due emphasis by conservationists, with some groups having credible existence for more than two decades backed by results that can be seen and measured. The success of the conservation efforts have given considerable encouragement to the groups whose activities have been spread even beyond the shores of America. The focus is not only on the native species but on conservation of all bird species that are found in the country.

A Peep Into The World Of Bird Conservation In America

Three Step Action

Conservationists take their job of protecting the birds of Americas in a very serious manner. Besides implementing projects to protect birds and natural habitats, they make continuous efforts to build mass awareness about the need to support the eco system that is necessary to sustain the bird population. With the focus on safeguarding rare birds that are considered as endangered species, the conservationists are true bird lovers who relentlessly work on improving the living conditions of the beautiful creatures that make us proud.  The bird conservation program can be categorized in three distinct areas.

  • Identifying sensitive bird habitats, especially for rare birds and arrange for protecting and developing it so that birds get suitable encouragement for sustenance.
  • Identifying the threats to birds and arrange for its eradication so that birds do not meet with unnatural and untimely death.
  • Create awareness among people about the need for conserving birds across America and form active conservationists groups.

Countering the Threats

Birds of Americas are especially endangered in urban areas, where rapid spread of civilization is posing new threats for birds every day. Conservationists have identified the threats that exist in urban areas and have taken comprehensive measures to minimize it so that birds do not get killed.  Some of the prominent steps taken are listed below.

  • Wind turbines – Alternate energy sources like windmills can spell disaster for birds if it is erected in the course of the birds’ flight. Birds striking against windmills have caused large scale damage to bird population. To minimize harm, bird conservationists recommend erection of wind turbines at places where the risks of collision are minimal.
  • Birds hitting windows – Another major reason for bird death is the high rate of collision on windows of buildings. Conservationists have taken special measures to develop windows that can help to minimize birds from colliding on windows.

Besides taking steps in conserving native birds, conservationists are also working to create suitable environment to attract migratory birds that have long left the country. It might not be long before you can once again see some new birds in spring time. Overall, there is a systematic approach in increasing the bird population so that the ecological balance is restored.

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