Etiquette Of Funeral Flowers You Need To Keep In Mind

Flowers play a vital role in funerals. It expresses the feelings of sympathy to the family of deceased. It’s like a tradition since thousands of years to take flowers to the funeral.

Picking right flowers for the funeral might not trouble you, but maintaining proper etiquette may be a daunting task. Especially, if it’s for the first time that you are sending flowers as a gift, it becomes necessary to ensure that you aren’t committing any blunders. The flower is such a thing that can either make or break your purpose. Especially, when you are gifting flowers for expressing condolence towards the deceased family, it becomes a prerequisite to taking proper care of the flower selection. Send flowers in such a way that the power of flower is exposed and can ease the grievance of the family a little. This way you won’t be hurting their feelings in any condition.

Gone are those days when you might be watching flowers or bouquet of flowers for the funeral. Time has come when the majority of them use to give a couple of wreaths. But, most of those would be casual flower arrangements or live plants along with a card or a handwritten note. All of these became more convenient with online florists, through which you can get flowers at your doorstep. For better reference, you can browse who offers a broad range of flowers, in particular for funerals.

Etiquette Of Funeral Flowers You Need To Keep In Mind

Etiquette: Like business, funeral flowers do have a particular protocol. Most probably, funeral flower etiquette refers to cultural or religious considerations. And when it comes to religious and cultural concerns, all of them vary from one religion to another. Moreover, if there is any faux pas related to the ethical breach, then no one would refrain themselves from getting offended. So, it becomes necessary to take proper care of them and ensure that etiquette involved in sending flowers for funerals are not breached anyway.

Different religions and cultures have faith in various types of funeral flowers. So, you need to take into consideration religion of the deceased before sending flowers. For this, you can ask departed person’s family members or your friends of the same culture; and understand it. Only after you get the confirmation about the acceptable flowers in their culture, order and flower delivery for the funeral would be at your doorsteps.

If you don’t have authoritative sources for learning about the beliefs of religion and faith, then exploring below points would aid you the most.

  • Protestant Christian – They are okay with almost all types of flowers and arrangements at both funeral and memorial service. However, most probably crosses are usually given at the funeral.
  • Catholic – These people won’t be offended while receiving any flowers and arrangements.
  • Jewish – Flowers are solely acceptable at the funeral. But if you’re thinking to send flowers at deceased person’s home, then it isn’t a good idea. Instead, you may send a basket full of fruits to the home of the family.
  • Buddhist – Most flowers and its arrangements are acceptable. There isn’t such restriction in this type of culture.
  • Muslim – Flowers are appropriate depending upon the Islamic religion. However, if you’re opting to send flowers for a funeral, see to it that you keep simple and elegant arrangement.
  • Hindu – You are allowed to send all the types of flowers to the funeral, but they are more open to garlands than just giving any arrangement of blooms.
  • Mormon – Although most flowers are appropriate for their funeral, it is advisable to avoid cross or crucifix.
  • Eastern or Greek Orthodox – Almost all the types of flowers are acceptable, and among all, white color flowers are most preferable.

The purpose of flowers at a funeral is to provide consolidation to the deceased person’s family. Be the arrangements of flowers formal or casual, just ensure that those flowers are enough to boost their spirit and provide them a ray of hope to live a pleasant life. This way you may add an essence of fortune in their life.

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