Best Commercial Zero Turn Mower Buying Guide 2019

Zero Turn Mowers have increased in popularity due to their ability to move in a complete circle. This function has sped up cutting time and increased efficiency for many lawn-care professionals and agricultural aficionados.

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Zero Turn Mowers have four classes, each varying in speed, size, and comfort. The classes are described as Entry-Level, Mid-Grade, Semi-Pro, and Commercial. Selecting a Commercial Zero Turn Mower means you are selecting the biggest and meanest mower in the class. You are getting the best product for your money, as these machines have the largest fuel tanks and the fastest speed with the ability to mow 3-4 acres in almost no time. The selection of commercial mowers remains a relatively large market, so what factors should you be considering before making your purchase?

High-Performance Engine

Firstly, you should consider the engine of your prospective machine. Often hailed as the fastest machines on the market, and able to reach speeds of 13mph in most agreeable conditions, finding a vehicle with a powerful engine is incredibly important. Within this category, most engines are either single cylinder or twin cylinders. Twins are becoming more popular as they are more powerful and run smoother than single cylinders. However, that is not to say a single cylinder cannot to the job.


Most Zero Turn Mowers boast hydrostatic gear transmission making these vehicles more maneuverable compared to the others. Hydrostatic transmissions send fluid around the engine rather than using belts to transfer power to the wheels, making the engine more efficient.

Fuel Options

Most options for your commercial zero turn mower boast one of these fuel options: diesel, gasoline, propane and more interestingly, flex fuel. Depending on the capabilities you have to refuel your vehicle, each option might offer significant benefits. For example, if you have access to diesel, then a diesel tank might be better for you, and so it goes for gasoline and propane.

Another factor to consider might be the idea of electronic fuel injection (EFI) engines. These engines are said to increase fuel efficiency and effectiveness saving 25% in fuel costs. EFI engines also contain onboard controllers which communicate with the different systems on-board to increase fuel savings and efficiency. A more fuel efficient vehicle adhere for a more cost-effective machine.


Purchasing a commercial zero turn mower ensure a high level of investment. You want to ensure that the machine is able to last a long time. Durability is an undervalued aspect to most mowers. They will encounter a variety of condition and considerable wear, so ensuring your machine can put up with these conditions should be an important aspect to consider. Research the gauge of the steel – the lowest gauge means the steel is thicker. A steel frame and protection around the engine are also factors that will enhance the probability of the machine lasting longer.


Most consumers make decisions based solely on effectiveness. While it is important for your vehicle to be effective, you also want to be comfortable when doing the job. Considering these factors will help to find a machine that allows you to be comfortable while mowing your lawn or field.

Full Suspension

In most cases, these Zero Turn Mowers allow the driver can remain seated. Therefore, purchase a machine that has full suspension. You will be seated for large amounts of time, and comfortability cannot be understated. You will encounter a variety of terrains all affecting you as the driver. A full suspension can alleviate any difficulties that might arise as a result of the terrain.

Similarly, the full suspension allows the mower to stay low to the ground creating a more consistent cut as the machine covers over uneven terrain.

Wider Tires

Wider Tires can also enhance your comfort by perfectly distributing the weight of the vehicle across its base. Furthermore, wider tires adhere to better grip and traction on most forms of terrain.

Mowing Deck

On most mowers, the mowing deck is usually located at the front of the machine, allowing the driver to reach previously unreachable areas such as near trees and flower beds. Mowing decks vary in size, nevertheless an oversized deck will simply slow you down.

Before purchasing, you should ensure that the prospective sized deck will enhance your ability to effectively cut the grass ensuring the ability to pass through your gate, around trees and other obstacles.

Additionally, most mowing Decks exist in two forms – fabricated and stamped. Fabricated decks are said to be more durable and to deal better with obstacles, however, stamped decks are said to provide a better cut.

Sloped decks might be a better option to consider as they are able to push grass up to be cut, creating a more consistent plain. Similarly, small wheels will help to raise the deck above rough and uneven terrain.

Stand-On Mowers

Alternatively, stand-on mowers offer a better turning radius for professional lawn-care experts. These machines are much smaller and easier to place on trailers. Unfortunately, these machines are not as powerful as a commercial zero turn mower. Consider your options wisely.


Buying your perfect mower might depend on a number of factors, particularly, your initial budget. Zero Turn Mowers cost between $2,500 to $15,000 for a number of high-end commercial products. Considering the large range, you are more than likely able to find the perfect machine, however, a number of features might be optional or outside of your range. Please take this into consideration before purchasing.

User-Friendly Machine

Lastly, the final aspect to consider should be whether you can effectively use the machine. While your effectiveness might depend on the machine’s attachments and innate ability to do the task, it also depends on you and your ability to use the machine. Before purchasing, attempt to see if you can envision yourself using the machine – that each function is clearly labeled and accessible.

Zero Turn mowers are the future of lawn-care and are an appropriate investment to any lawn-care business. The market holds host to a number of options. Considering these helpful tips before buying your mower will help you to make a more informed choice.

In addition, it might also be helpful to consider purchasing your commercial mower through a nationally recognized distributor. These distributors have a large selection of vehicles to choose from and provide competitive prices. Additionally, a lot of manufacturers entrust these distributors as the sole distributors for their products. These distributors work with a number of landscape/agricultural companies and regional farms.

You can purchase products new or used with a variety of payment plans to ensure you can afford your prospective machine. See more visit: Florida Coast Equipment.

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