Bareilly Is An Exciting Destination For Food Lovers

If mughal cuisine is what the food lover prefers to have in varieties, then he should definitely travel to the city of Bareilly. This city is well known for is delicious dishes and culinary expertise. It is possible for the traveler to have variety of non-vegetarian and Mughlai dishes, an experience that cannot be had anywhere else in the country. He can try out the curry or kebab dish, and enjoy the spicy food that is found in abundance at affordable rates. Checking out the different online sites offering authentic food delivery at Bareilly station of the cuisines that are prepared here can help the person to make a well informed choice.

Bareilly Is An Exciting Destination For Food Lovers

Mughlai Cuisine

Since the Mughals had their stronghold over this city, since then it has been the favorite hangout place for having kebabs of different types. The traveler can get to taste the varieties of kebabs that are prepared here. Sheekh kebab prepared and sold here is of unique taste and does need special mention. They are available even from the roadside eateries. It is regarded to be a fabulous combination of meat that is meticulously cut and minced, using grilled spices and aromatic herbs and prepared over medium flame. It is indeed a mouth watering preparation that is sure to be enjoyed by every kebab lover, who sure is to crave for more. Nehari is another special food belonging to the Mughlai cuisine that every non-vegetarian is sure to love. It is prepared from meat of goat.

Relishing the Chats

Bareilly also boasts of offering its travelers and locals alike with variety of chaats to taste. They are just yummy dishes that cannot be resisted. One can try out those delicious fruit chaat or aloo tikki and sure to find that they have not come across such taste anywhere else. The latter is prepared using boiled potatoes, fried slightly and served along with the tangy tasting pudina chutney. Fruit chaat makes use of different types of seasonal fruits that are combined along with boiled potatoes and having spices and lemon juice sprinkled over them. It is undoubtedly the perfect food to be had during summer. This dish does help the traveler to beat the heat and to help in having the body water balance to be retained. During sultry summer, it can be termed to be a perfect cooler.

Pani Batashe is another food that is to be tried out when in the city of Bareilly. It is popularly called pani puri or gol gappe in the other parts of the country. Boiled potatoes are mixed with chickpeas and are soaked within tamarind water before being served. They are just fabulous to taste.

Getting to Taste the Sweets

Those who love sweets and cannot resist it can find the region to produce few specialties. Gajak and Revri are the common crispy sweets which are popular here. These are termed to be unique preparations which are sure to be loved by everyone. The tourists can also try out milk cakes, gulab jamun, jalebi and rabdi.

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