The 90-day Wonder Visa To UAE

The 90 day single/multiple visas are specially issued to those who wish for a longer stay in UAE. The validity of the visa is 90 days which make it popular among families visiting their relatives and parents visiting their kids settled in UAE. There are two types of 90-day visa, the single entry and the multiple entry visa.

The 90-day Wonder Visa To UAE

  • Single Entry: It allows the visitor to enter the country only once and upon exiting the country which has to be within 90 days, the visa becomes void.
  • Multiple Entry: The speciality of this visa is the multiple entry clauses wherein it becomes easy for the tourists to enjoy the trip untroubled with this 90 days visit visa to Dubai.

The Fee

The cost of a single entry 90-day visa is lesser as compared to the multiple-entry visa. However, if you are certain to travel the country again and stay in Dubai for around 90 days in total in the next six months, multiple entry visa will cost you lesser eventually.

The Pre-requisites

Whether it is a single-entry or a multiple-entry visa, there are two kinds of requirements as far as the documents are concerned:-

  •    The applicant`s documents
  • A valid passport with a validity of at least six months
  • A cheque, the amount of which would be decided upon evaluation of the paper.
  • A bank statement of the same account showing at least truncations of six months.
  • Confirmed Airline Ticket
  •    The guarantor’s documents
  • A valid passport
  • A copy of the visa
  • Documents of the sponsor

Apart from this, a passport size photograph preferably with a white background is also a must.

The Online Process

As the process is online, there is no need to present the copy of the visa by hand. The applicant can furnish a soft copy of the same. The online process makes it pretty easy for the applicant to grab a 90 Days Visit Visa for UAE. Even when the person exits the country, the same can be uploaded on the website using a scanned copy. After this, the security cheque is refunded.

Ok to Board

‘Ok to Board is a requirement by the airlines where the immigration department has no interference. But once the airline makes it mandatory, the applicant need to fulfil this requirement without which the tourist is not allowed to fly.

A Word of Caution

It is advisable always to furnish the correct and accurate details. If the traveller is found guilty of presenting the forged documents, a strict action is taken against the person. There can be incarceration along with monetary fine.

Make your trip an unforgettable memory with these easy tips. Have a great journey.

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