Become A Fitness Master With Training Camp For Everyone

There are many types of martial arts. Most of them teach self-discipline, and the majority focuses on one type of movement in particular. Not everyone is like Muay Thai, which combines the movements of the whole body and all possible articulations to achieve a succession of strikes. Muay Thai is a sport widely practiced in Thailand. However, its health benefits are widely known, making more and more people interested in this emblematic sport. Fitness enthusiasts and people who just want to reduce weight have learned how easy is to reach their goals by mastering Muay Thai. You can also become a fitness master and achieve a rapid weight loss if you start practicing this millenary sport.

Most gym disciplines focus either on aerobic exercise or anaerobic –weightlifting- routines, but they are both necessary for weight loss. However, Muay Thai is one of the few martial arts that combines the best of both worlds. You will perform aerobic routines that will leave you exhausted and make you sweat while burning excess fat. At the same time, Muay Thai involves bodyweight exercises and many anaerobic routines to build your muscle and speed up your weight loss.
In Thailand, we are delighted to help you learn Muay Thai in our training camps. They could be a part of your touristic experience when visiting Thailand, and would definitely complete the tour. Our main focus is to help you learn this discipline in a fun and enjoyable way so you can feel motivated to keep on learning wherever you are. You will not only bring along a millenary discipline back home but also enjoy many health benefits while you’re at it.
Muay Thai is not thought as a discipline to lose weight, but experienced users burn a lot of calories in just one session. Thus, if you get enough practice, you will increase your stamina, muscle strength, and power. Such enhance in your physical performance will help you speed up your weight loss, especially if you consider that you could burn up to 700 calories in just one session.
Additionally, Muay Thai benefits your cardiovascular health by strengthening every single part of your cardiovascular system. Since it is a very demanding aerobic discipline, Muay Thai becomes an exercise to your heart, not only your muscles. After a few sessions, you will notice how your endurance increases because your heart is learning how to do an effective job in less time. The same goes to your veins and arteries. Your whole cardiovascular system will start functioning at its best.
Another health benefit of Muay Thai relates to your blood values. If you’re struggling with your blood glucose levels and your doctor told you something about insulin resistance, practicing Muay Thai every day at will boost your endocrine health and prevent chronic diseases. You will also improve your blood lipid readings and fix your cholesterol and triglyceride problems if you have them. Finally, similar to many other martial arts, Muay Thai builds your character, gives you more confidence, and improves your mental health as well.

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