Overhaul Your Oral Health With Tooth Implant Surgery In Delray

Whether you are missing one tooth or all 32 teeth, the situation can severely impact the way you talk, eat and even look. Even worse, missing teeth make a few individuals hide their smile, too self-conscious to interact with others. Patients who suffer from such a dental problem often visit their family dentists in Delray and learn about different options to replace their missing teeth. When looking for options to replace missing teeth, there is a number of treatment options to choose from. But, the problem is that a few options do not last nearly as long as others.  On the other hand, a dental implant or a tooth implant is widely considered as the best and long-lasting restorative option as they can replace the overall tooth structure, right from root to crown.

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A tooth implant is an artificial tooth root (made of titanium), placed into the bone socket of a missing tooth or teeth. A tooth implant does more than just to bring back your smile, it protects the oral health by preventing further oral problems. Both gums and teeth benefit from tooth implants as opposed to traditional bridges or dentures regardless of which type of dental implant strategy your dentist use. Patients in Delray and the surrounding areas can learn more about the advantages of dental implants by contacting one of the best dentists.

Many people do not realize a number of positives to dental implants and how truly life-changing this procedure can be. Listed below are a few ways that a tooth implant can make it possible for you to maintain a good oral health.


An empty tooth socket in the gums can trap food particles or plague and result in bacterial infection. If left untreated, dental plaque and bacterial infection increase the risk of gum or periodontal disease. Besides being extremely painful, gum disease and other oral problems are dangerous to oral and overall health. Fortunately, dental implants have the power to eliminate those risks.


By replacing your missing tooth, a tooth implant can replicate the overall function of your natural tooth or teeth. Being a strong and stable foundation, a tooth implant allows comfortable chewing and biting, it remains fixed inside the mouth. In simple terms, after a tooth implant surgery, nothing in the patient mouth feels or looks artificial.


If you are already missing one tooth, you are likely to lose more teeth if you fail to fill the empty socket with a tooth implant. Dental or teeth implants are one of the best ways to prevent further tooth loss or damages and restore your smile.  


A tooth implant offers both strength and stability over a long-term because it gets attached to your existing bone structure. With proper care, dental implants can last for a lifetime while functioning like a naturally strong and healthy tooth.

A tooth implant is one of the best options in case your tooth or teeth are damaged and needs to be replaced. Although a dental implant surgery is a time taking a procedure, it offers several oral health benefits in the long run. To learn more about implants and other benefits, contact the best dentist in Delray today!

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