What Are the Best Time to Start Getting Botox?

Botox use should be tailored to the users needs. There is not a ‘one size fits all’ standard for botox use. Legally, the FDA has approved botox for adults ages 18 years and older. Therefore, there must be a robust conversation between a doctor and patient to tailor botox treatment for his/her needs.

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Each patient’s skin is different with degrees of imperfections. These may be caused by genetics or environmental issues such as the sun, sea water, history of skin wash chemicals and choice of moisturizer. The ultimate impact of these compendium of factors create unique challenges and Botox may be a viable solution.

Skin ailments include crow’s feet, wrinkles on the side of the nose and dynamic wrinkles caused by muscle movement. Patients may discuss with doctors the options of preventative botox treatment and use of topical retinol to stimulate collagen. There is a popular saying that an ounce of prevention is worth a pound of cure. Patients who adhere to this philosophy may choose to prevent or minimize early appearance of forehead wrinkles and other facial lines by early botox treatment in Miami.

The modern cosmetic patient is more savvy. The wealth of information available on botox is pervasive on the Internet. Patients can research benefits of botox, read numerous success stories, research doctors who practice botox enhancements. Discover varying applications of Botox relevant to timing and combinations with other treatments. Patients armed with this information can make informed choices. There is an added degree of confidence that empower each patient. Discussion with doctors take a more defined path. Doctors are challenged to create a botox treatment plan that could potentially stretch from an age starting in the twenties on up.

The stigma associated with botox has been mostly removed by a series of factors. Once the domain of the wealthy and Hollywood type celebrities, botox has gone mainstream. Some celebrities are open and honest about botox use. Some admit to early and regular use. Social media is replete with posts of celebrities and other public figures who confess openly to many cosmetic surgery and botox treatment. Even rap music artists talk openly about it and even include in their lyrics. Nicki Minaj and Cardi B make jest of their use of cosmetic surgery including botox use. Many regular citizens also are open about botox use. Searches on Instagram, Twitter and Facebook shows them openly admitting botox use, discussing the benefits and starting botox regimen at an early age. The shame associated with botox use has been largely erased. While it may not be as common or innocuous as using wrinkle creams, it is common enough that public confessions of use does not generate attacks shaming the patient. These factors make botox use from an early age more palatable to the regular citizen.

The most powerful case for early botox use is its proven preventative value. Wrinkles occur over time because skin weakens and cannot recover from natural facial actions such as laughing, crying, brow furrowing and any other facial movement made on a consistent basis. Botox is a chemical compound that relaxes facial muscles to prevent it from folding and creating permanent creases. The case is strong for early botox use, as early as 18 or 19 years because early treatment can result is less impact of these unsightly lines later in life. Like all muscles, facial muscles can be strengthened, retrained, sculpted and enhanced to reduce lines and highlight the faces natural beauty. Patients throughout the USA are exploring early use and realizing the power of prevention.

Doctors can evaluate young patients and determine early preventative care with botox. Doctors can observe early wrinkle formation by just looking at a patient’s face. Under a powerful magnifying glass and bright lights current and potentially troubling lines can be identified. In addition, doctors can observe facial tics and predisposition of a patient. Armed with this evidence, doctors can map a treatment plan by isolating existing and future wrinkle lines. A healthy and predictive treatment plan can be mapped to inoculate the young patient from a future of unsightly lines.

As millennials get jobs and generate more disposable income, they can become early adopters of botox. Twenty years ago, botox was used by the forty and up exclusive group of wealthy individuals. Clinics that catered to this exclusive group was shrouded in secrecy and commanded prime prices. The expansion of more doctors in the field of cosmetic surgery and opening of cosmetic clinics in middle class communities marketed botox as an affordable option to millions of potential patients. Now millennials consider botox use as run of the mill personal care as pedicures and manicures. The stigma is gone, price obstacles lowered and common use is accepted. The conditions, costs and public perception of botox pave way for use at an early age. As early as 18 years and above. You can vote, get a driver’s license and your first botox treatment on your 18th birthday.

With any surgery or injection, there will be risks and side effects. There are some common side effects of botox that are common in some patients. Pain and swelling is usually the first common side effect. Headache and flu like symptoms are also apart of the after effects from the injections. Crooked smiling and drooling may happen as your face adjusts to the botulinum. Eye dryness is common in most patients and tearing uncontrollably can happen as well. Pregnant and breastfeeding women are not recommended for botox procedures.

There are different botox locations in Miami, Florida that offers exceptional service with highly recommended doctors. Miami is bustling with tourists from different countries trying to to find the best salons and spas with affordable prices. The best time for getting botox done is when you personally know you’re ready. Reducement of wrinkle lines and a facial lift gives women the confidence they need and it boosts their self esteem. It’s important you know if you can take injections and whether you want your face numbed before the procedure. Whether its Miami or Las Vegas, talk to your doctor if you believe you’re ready for botox. See more visit: Miami Beach Laser & Aesthetics.

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