Ketomac, One Of The Best Medicine Against Dandruff

Skin as an organ

Skin is the largest organ system present in the human body system. It is existent on the outer segment of the body surface. It is totally active in protecting the inner body surface with the outer environment. The outer environment contains a lot of contaminants or agents that can cause a lot of infections like viruses, bacteria, fungus, mycoplasma etc. This skin acts as the resistance to those organism from infecting the human body as when these body enters in to the body, their DNA or the genetic material becomes active and starts dividing and therefore starts expressing themselves inside the body. After its growth they tends to alter the normal functions of the human body and there lies the problem which it cause. Skin is a layered organ that contains three distinct layers called as the Epidermis, the outer layer; the middle layer or the dermis and the lowermost layer called as the Endodermis.  Each and every layer is connected with a lot of blood vessels and arteries so that the skin remains always subtle and full nutrients. Thus keeping the skin fresh always. Thus it is rightly said that the skin provides the first line of defense in the human body.

Ketomac, One Of The Best Medicine Against Dandruff

Skin infections

Skin being the first line of defense and also it is also associated with the immune system of our body, it fails sometime. Skin infection can cause due to different reasons like that we all know that skin is consisting of different microorganism, which are present in symbiotic relationship with the body. Hence it does not affect the human body as the human body provides shelter to those micro-organisms and again the micro-organisms provides essential nutrients to the body through their secretion. But in some cases when the body’s immune system becomes compromised that is it fails fundamentally in some aspect then these microorganisms behaves negatively. And starts harming the body. Those microorganisms which resides in the skin mainly can cause severe skin infection. Or in another way when the skin become bruised or injured those microorganisms enter the layers of the tissue and starts replicating and thus causes skin infection. In both the cases the problem is equally severe. These skin infection can be stopped as well with different natural method as well as different medications. Surprisingly dandruff is also a part of skin infection as it also cause due to microorganisms. World’s best dandruff shampoo has a good sort of chemical compositions present in them to put an end to the problem of dandruff.


People thinks dandruff occurs because of unhealthiness or unhygienic methods. However dandruff is completely different and can also be called as a systemic disorder that affects almost each and every individual, in varied extent of severity if the infection is due to fungus.

Methods to control it naturally

However if a person facing the dilemma of dandruff washes his or her head everyday with dandruff repellent shampoo then the chances of controlling the dandruff increases day by day and hence it can be cured also at some point of time as skin disease takes much time to get cured.


Medications like ketoconazole with a trade name of ketomac shampoo is very much able and widely prescribed by the doctors for the treatment of this dandruff problem. It is very much useful for systemic dandruff problem.

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