Even though they have different legislations for it, DUI is a serious offense in all states of USA. The entire process become very expensive and you can still end up in jail even for a first time offense. In such conditions the question whether hiring a DUI defense lawyer is worth it or not, becomes somewhat nonsensical.

An expert DUI defense lawyer can give you the legal representation you need to fight DUI charges. Here are a few reasons why you should hire a DUI defense lawyer to fight your DUI charges :

Reduce The Severity Of Penalties

There are a lot of things that influence your DUI case. Other than a BAC of 0.08% or more, in case of an adult, there are some aggravating factors that can make your case weak. For example, the speed of the vehicle at the time, the damage done, minor co passenger. A good DUI defense lawyer will help avoid any undue use of these factors against you in the hearing. They can also help you prove your previous responsible behaviour and good record in front of the the court which in turn can reduce the severity of the penalties.

Increase Your Chances Of Dismissing The Charge

It isn’t too rare that the charges against the defendant are entirely dismissed altogether because of lack of substantial evidences. Your DUI Defense lawyer can help you fight the DUI charges more confidently and strengthen your case by challenging the weak evidences. This can make a major difference in your your case’s outcome.

Guidance For Your Rights In The Case

Every accused has some rights to ensure a due process till and during the court hearing. A common person may not have all the necessary knowledge regarding their rights and duties in such cases. An experienced DUI defense lawyer can help you get a fair trial and ensure that your rights aren’t violated in the process. Moreover, even after the final outcome of the hearing, convicted or not, you still have some rights which should not be confiscated. The lawyer will help you understand which rights are to be revoked and which aren’t.

Help Follow The Due Process

The entire process following a DUI charge is extensive and requires you to fill up a lot of forms and applications. You DUI defense lawyer can help you file them in a proper way so that you don’t have to waste time redoing them again and again. Properly documented paperwork makes for a substantial part of your DUI case pre and post hearing. Moreover, you’ll need proper guidance to fulfill all the guidance to get your complete driving rights back in case of a conviction. Any major mistake can delay your license reinstatement.

Along with these major reasons, there are many minor reason why you should immediately contact a DUI defense lawyer if you or any loved one is facing DUI charges. Get your case evaluated as soon as possible and increase your chances of a more favourable outcome. Some firms even provide free case evaluation. So, don’t take any chances and contact your lawyer to help your DUI case.

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