Commercial Refrigeration – Multiuse Cooling Systems!

Refrigeration is the process of transportation of heat from one place to another while controlling the conditions in and around it. Transporting the heat involves mechanical work, however it can also be achieved by magnetism, heat, electricity, lasers or by any other means.

Uses of Refrigeration

  • Industrial freezers

  • Cryogenics

  • Air conditioning

  • Household and commercial refrigerators etc.

Commercial Refrigeration – Multiuse Cooling Systems!

Features of Commercial Refrigeration

Any refrigeration that is done for commercial purposes is known as commercial refrigeration. This is most commonly found in malls and departmental stores located at almost all cities and metropolitans. The main features of this type of refrigeration are

  • Commercial refrigerators are free standing piece of equipment that offers cold storage for a commercial kitchen such as the ones found in restaurants and hotels. This is also found to be present at various dining facilities.

  • Commercial refrigeration includes the use of both refrigerators and freezers, and these are available in a wide range of configurations, ranging from the coolers that can be reached in and stored to the walk in freezer joints for storage of food items.

The Purpose of Commercial Refrigeration

  • Commercial refrigeration has a wide use of freezers and other safer food storage options. These are extremely friendly equipment and doesn’t demand rocket science for the purpose of using them.

  • The main use of commercial refrigeration is to store cold items in the unit as soon as you procure them so that their ideal state of storage doesn’t get disturbed and there is no damage even while you are thawing them.

  • Commercial refrigeration due to the numerous attributes do a better job of keeping the food products fresh, crispy and cold for a longer period of time if compared with the regular storage options that we tend to use on an everyday basis.

  • There are lot of perishable items that tend to get damaged if you keep them in not so ideal conditions. Cold storage is better for such items as they retain their freshness for a much longer period of time than in other food danger zones. Commercial refrigeration as such delivers in keeping the freshness and integrity of the food that has already been prepared longer than regular refrigeration does.

  • Commercial refrigeration comes in a wide range of sizes and varieties; you can install the right one that you think might suit you the best. For instance, if you are using commercial refrigeration for your home cooking and storing purposes, you need not go in for a larger size. However, if you are in such a business that entails you to stock large quantities of food for a long period of time, you can opt for commercial refrigeration by selecting the perfect size according to your requirements.

Different Types of Commercial Refrigeration

  • Reach in refrigerators and freezers – these are ideal for back of the house usage. They have multiple sections and their storage capacity varies with each make and model.

  • Walk in refrigerators and freezers – these are great for restaurants that require very large storage unit for keeping the food items. These can be set up in the back of the house or can be place in the exteriors too.

  • Refrigerated prep tables- these are mostly used for commercial cooking and are placed in restaurant kitchens.

  • Under counter refrigerators – these are smaller units and are only about 30 inches to 33 inches in height. These find their place in commercial kitchens and are used to store items that aren’t used on everyday basis.

  • Bar refrigeration – as the name suggests, these are used in the under counter bar area for easy serving.

Refrigerated merchandisers – these find their place in malls and departmental stores and exhibit products for sale.

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