Consult Attorney James Hoffman For Reputable Legal Representation

When someone is injured in an accident, has injuries due to a workplace incident or needs to file a worker’s compensation claim, they should find a lawyer that specializes in these selective fields. James Hoffman is an Iowa attorney that handles personal injury, worker’s comp and workplace injury claims. He has received many accolades for the stellar work he has accomplished in his long career. This attorney has set precedence in several court cases. He has experience litigating in the state and federal court systems. This is the guy to have on your side. His extensive experience enables him to fight and win many of his cases.

Consult Attorney James Hoffman For Reputable Legal Representation

Attorney Hoffman earned his law degree at University of Iowa College of Law. He obtained a Bachelor of Arts degree and he also received his board certification from the American Institute of Hypnosis. This learned attorney also holds a Juris Doctor Degree. Mr. Hoffman has handled extensive court cases in his home state of Iowa. He has represented clients in New York, Indiana, Missouri and Illinois, while also representing clients in other American regions and abroad. He is a popular figure on the lecture circuit, speaking on personal injury, worker’s compensation, product liability, negligence issues and specific laws relating to his legal specialty. He also talks on social security law, accident case studies and corporate law.

Mr. Hoffman is a member of many prestigious legal associations and related organizations. He has received awards and recognition for his outstanding career accomplishments. James Hoffman is also listed in a slew of Who’s Who lists. He was applauded for his victory record, and he has won or settled cases obtaining up to a million dollar awards. This is the legal man to consult when going through any of the above types of litigation. Clearly, Mr. Hoffman is a leader in his chosen field.

The types of law that James Hoffman handles can be tricky. All parties have a monetary reason to fight at all costs. Some of these cases can get nasty, with harsh words exchanged. These kinds of cases are always difficult for the client. It is a relief when Mr. Hoffman is handling your legal trouble. Always honest and highly ethical, Mr. Hoffman will exhaust all options in order to get a victory for his valued clients. While mostly dealing with the wronged party, Mr. Hoffman has been on the other side too.

When a worker is injured on the job, he is entitled to worker’s compensation which every business is required to provide. This attorney knows his way around both worker’s compensation and social security laws. He is prepared to pull out all the stops to win a fair settlement for his clients. Unlike many other attorneys who deal in his law specialty, Mr. Hoffman has much trial litigation experience. Even though many cases settle before the court date, it is essential to hire an attorney that can handle a tough court battle. James P. Hoffman is the better attorney for anyone involved in personal injury, worker’s compensation, social security, accidents and other related situations.

Attorney Hoffman is honest with his clients from the first meeting. He will educate the clients on what to expect going forward. This exceptional lawyer in Iowa always fights to win.

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