Copyright Protection: Different Kinds Of Work That Can Be Protected Under Copyright Law

Kind of a protection for publishers, artists, architects, viz., copyright paves the way for an individual or entity to cash in on their works by preventing unauthorised persons from using, selling and or distributing their products without obtaining licence from them. It also prevents the abuse of licence.

Quite a handful of good-for-nothing lazy people exist out there who’re always waiting for others to create something that they can take advantage of. To crown the worst, they make more profits that the original creators. Stopping them is a must and getting protection for one’s works or inventions is the only way to do that.

Copyright Protection: Different Kinds Of Work That Can Be Protected Under Copyright Law

Take for instance a company which creates image works and motions pictures. Creating a blockbusting movie would take months if not years; let alone the huge capital that is inputted into the work. To make some coin behind it, the work has to be protected so that the company and the company alone holds the sole right to distribute and sell their products. For that a copyright which defines terms and conditions for distribution, sales and use is created for the work. A violation of any of the terms and conditions is deemed a violation of the investor’s right and interests as much as Trademark and copyright law.

Works for which copyright can be obtained are grouped into different categories and from category to category, the protection arrangement differs. Check out the following list for groups of works that can be copyrighted:

Written or printed material and literary works

This is probably the oldest form of copyright. It is applied to printed and written materials and literary works such as books and articles. Protection for such works confers the right to duplicate and distribute it on the the author or creator. It applies to quick guides, product manuals and materials alike for which a company would reserve the right duplicate or issue out to customers.

Note: printed and written materials include art images, art and sculpture works, advertizing material and catalogues presented in papers.

Digital contents

Digital contents include musical works, sound recording, images, motion pictures and theater works. They are termed as intellectual properties. Publishers and creators of digital contents reserve the digital right to sell and to distribute their contents. Unauthorized use, copy, modification and or sales is considered as violation of the original publisher or creators right. Digital contents may include movies, films, songs, dance performance, voice recording, etc.


Most people aren’t keen enough to check out that write-up that pops during the initial step of software installation. They just the “next” to continue. Known as EULA (end user licence agreements) it highlights the terms and conditions regarding the use of a software program. It defines a user’s rights to use of a software. It is a contractual agreement between publishers and end users. If infringed, the agreement is breached and party who breaches faces the legal consequences.

Final note

A comprehensive copyright is what a company needs to protect its inventions and works from being taken advantage of by people who are not licenced to do so, thus preventing the company from reaping the benefits of their efforts. A copyright attorney is a hand to use when copyright protection comes into play.

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