Do I Need Planning Permission For A Standby Power Generator?

Standby generators are like the basic need of every small and big firm. Power cut is a genuine problem and if you want to fight with that, you should take a standby power generator for your organization. But, you need planning permission to set up this Standby Power Generator UK. Well, this planning is required for urban areas and inner city places. Nature’s safety and protection is the main concern behind the importance of planning permission.

Stand by Power Generator

How to find the need of Planning Permission

It is the most difficult question raise during this process. The best way to find out the answer of this question is to have a healthy conversation with the local authorities. They can help you in a better way to find out the need of planning permission. But before making the last decision for the standby power generator, correct all your information on ground level as well.

Things to think Before Making Last Decision:

If you are planning to place the generator in the public view then you would require planning permission. There are so many other major causes to consider while doing this:

  • Size of the generator: Size of the generator really makes the difference. If you are planning to set up big bulky power generator, you must take the permission from the concern authorities.

  • Design of the power generator: Standby Power Generator Design should be as per the norms. Generator should be less harmful for the area in different aspects.

  • Noise level of the generator: This factor is the most important factor among all. If your generator is not under the norms for noise control, you should apply for the planning permission.

  • Local air quality: Generator is harmful for the natural air as they pass lots of dangerous smoke. You have to take planning permission before placing them.

  • Ecological health: Environmental health shouldn’t effect by the standby power generator. This is what, a concern authority want. If you are using something big-bulky and heavy generator, you must grant the permission from the authority.

Specific Situations when you Required Planning Permission:

  • Conservation area: If you want to place you generator in or near by the conservation area, that time you require planning permission.

  • Listed building: Authorities have some specific listed building in which you need prior information for the Standby Power Generator UK. If you have that place, apply for the permission first.

  • City centres: This is among the most sensitive areas. Take suggestions from the experts because you need permission after that.

Situations when you don’t need Planning Permission:

  • When it is for residential use

  • When generator is a part of specific government and non-government scheme

  • When this power standby generator is a main part of new project

Standby power generators are very effective and powerful. Once they placed then Standby Generators Maintenance should be first priority to take full advantage from them.

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