, No Way!

I am a member of for almost 8 months now. I was enticed by the site’s offering which lets freelance writers like me to have part time jobs to submit or make articles for their clients. The pay ranges from $4 to $16. They pay using PayPal which is very convenient for me because I only have PayPal as my means to get payments from online jobs.

So I registered, filled up all of the necessary information, made my cover letter and even made an essay about myself and all the things that I could offer for their customer. It took them 1 week to reply and tell me that I passed to be a writer for them. I was so happy and very excited to have my first order from them.

I placed a bid for my very first order. I bid $10 for 3 page article about web content and the client accepted it and I began working for my very first project. The client gave me 3 days to finish it and I was very prompt that after a day and a half, I already submitted my article to them and the customer said that I did a good job and rated me as a good writer in my profile. I was so happy that time., No Way!

Again, I want to earn more from the site and knowing that I already have the gist of it, I bid for more jobs and got another job offer from the same customer that I worked with before. He wanted me to make a 15 page article about the recession in United States that he will still put on his website. The price for the article is $75 so I accepted it. He gave me a deadline of 7 days and of course I wanted to impress him again so I finished it within 4 days and submitted the article. Again my article was approved and the customer was very satisfied. These jobs continued until I reached $456 on my account.

With the amount on my account balance, I requested for a payment from the website and they said that they will process my payment within 15 days. Their support people are very prompt in replying to email inquiries. So I waited but after 15 days, and I received nothing. I sent an email again to their support people and they said that they are having issues on my account but rest assured that they are fixing it as soon as possible and informed me to wait for another 15 days for my payment. I was very patient and understanding, I waited, after 15 days, still nothing.

I sent a message again and they said that they are currently reviewing the status of my account, they said they received feedback from my clients that my works are in low quality and some clients returned them but I never received any bad feedbacks from my customer. All of them were satisfied with the articles that I made for them. I tried to tell them that but they said that I still need to wait for them to verify it.

Now I’ve been waiting for 6 months from the date that I requested for the payment and still nothing. I stopped writing for them and will never will write for them again! So, I just wanted to share my experience and advise to check for the best writing services on Reddit before start writing.

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