Exercise. It Will Keep You FIT, SMART and SEXY

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Physical exercises have become more of a need than a habit. Maintaining an exercise schedule seems to be an uphill task for today’s digitally hooked generation. Therefore, It is now more important that people know about the benefits of exercises.

1. Your Brain Loves itExercise. It Will Keep You FIT, SMART and SEXY

No matter how hard it may seem to get up early in the morning and wear those shoes to head out for a run. The brain loves it when you work out. Yes, we agree that it is the brain that tells to you that the body is not ready for the exertion, or maybe you can stay in the bed for more time.

But it is also a scientifically proven fact that at the time of exercise or any physical activity like playing a game or jogging our brain releases feel-good hormones called oxytocin. This chemical not only improves the mood but also enhances the health of our brain. With a routine, your brain and body gets hooked to the exercising.

Famous personalities have revealed that their number one stress buster is working out or running on the track. So while picking up their limited edition autographed stuff you can also look to pick up their physical exercise routines.

2. Your Body Needs it

Human body requires calories to survive and perform various activities. There is a huge gap between required and the excess of calories that are usually found in teenagers and kids. According to a study, more than 30% of the population in the United States is suffering from obesity. This is a huge number. Like very huge.

Exercise. It Will Keep You FIT, SMART and SEXY

Exercising helps you burn those unwanted calories and sweat out the excess water that adds kilos to your body.

Well you can just cannot ignore the Panda. Right?

Exercise. It Will Keep You FIT, SMART and SEXY

3. Maintain your Shape (Figure)

Megan Foxx, Scarlett Johansson and George Clooney, they are all toppers of the chart for the most desirable celebs. One of the reason and that is also one of the deciding factors for being desirable is their physical fitness. Their physical well-being transforms their personality and helps them look amazing in almost anything they wear.

Also one of the reasons why sports stars attract supermodels and have millions of girls in their fan following. Some of them often don’t understand the game at all, but they understand the abdominal muscles, biceps and the stamina that the player holds. And believe it or not, stamina increases your sex appeal.

Exercise. It Will Keep You FIT, SMART and SEXY

4. Exercising is for Everyone

With the widening generation gap, there has been a shift in interest among family members. You may find Game of Thrones, the ultimate entertainment. But would you watch it with your granny? And if you are a parent would you make your 5-year-old kid watch a documentary on the situations in Middle East?

Well maybe you can but exercising together sounds much better.

Doing physical activities together can strengthen the bond between you and your family. You may also look to organise corporate matches and if you do not like your office staff, then hit the park or gym with your buddies.

Exercising is not something that has to be performed in a mentioned time span or at a particular space. You may take the stairs instead of an elevator, or walk the short distance from your office to the station. Any form of physical activity will give you benefits and make you feel good, confident and sexy.

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