Find Out What Your Gambling Horoscope Is Telling You

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ARIES March 21-April 19

For you, all gambling games are a challange. By nature, aries likes to win no metter what, so this is the reason why this zodiac sign often puts everything on gambling. Casinos are like your other home. And you know what? Considering the power you were born and the passion that moves you, you have all the rights to enjoy what you love .You are equally good in card games and those with cubes.

TAURUS April 20. – May 20.

You deffinitely were born happy and that happiness never leaves you. You live a peaceful life without much turbulence, you love safety and comfor. If you want some excitement, roulette is the right game for you as well as any kind of strategic games.The small amount of money you will earn at the beginning, will inspire you to continiue. You will not regreat, you are a smart player.

GEMINI May 21. – June 20.

Becouse of your nature intelligence and creativity, you could invent your own gambling game. The only problem-you do not have a patiance so you often lose your interests in the game you started.
Since you are a very smart person, maybe evan the smartest in the horoscope, you should try poker. It is not game for everyone, but it could bring you good money.

CANCER June 21. -July 22.

You are an eternal child and you want to have fun whenever possible. You like casinos and you want to play instead of thinking. Evan if you lose, you don’t mind- everything is just relaxation and fun. But guess what? That casuality can bring you a lot of coins. Have fun at slot machines.

LEO July 23. – August 22.

It is not important to participate,it is important to win. You love casinos. In casinos you feel powerful and satisfied. In the casino-you are god. You are brave and proud and there is no game in which you can not dominate. You are aware of this and therefore you have success in all gambling games. Go ahead, keep rolling.

VIRGO August 23. – September 22

You control everything, You love the rules and play by the rules. You do not like to take too much risk. Your exceptional memory can be your best friend for an BlackJack table. Becouse of your intuition, you are the only one who can turn gambling into a regular source of money.

LIBRA September 23. – October 22.

You love all the places where rich people are. Although you love luxury in casinos, you are very tactical and rational when you playing. You will risk, but you will quickly switch the table..or a game..You sholud try games with cubes, all the fun is there.

SCORPIO October 23. – November 21

Evan the ganes, you take seriously, especially gambling games. Money is additional motiv. Your psychological power helps you all the time, evan in gambling. Card games are best for you.

SAGITTARIUS November 22. – December 21.

Gambling luck is sitting on your head. The cubes simply jump as you want. Every game, every machine, you are the winner. Just do not be too inpatient and you will be the king of the casinos.

CAPRICORN December 22. – January 19.

You are always serious and organized so you are hard to relax. This is why you should try gambling games, especially those with numbers. Relax and play, you never know when the happiness will make you smile.

AQUARIUS January 20. – February 18

You get bored quickly, but you are lucky. Whenever you risk – you win. You like all slots machine, because you want to get rich as soon as posible. Be patient, happiness comes slowly.

Author of this article is professional gamer Patrick Roth. Patrick is from Berlin, but he likes to travel around the world and visit different casinos. He is also a gaming blogger and guest writer.

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